Get ready to take the next leap in your growth journey with Tech Excellence Day

Get ready to take the next leap in your growth journey with Tech Excellence Day

Tuesday June 22, 2021,

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Agility, innovation and resilience — these are some of the factors that underpin a business’ success and can secure a competitive advantage in today’s challenging business landscape. Digitisation has played a key role in infusing these qualities in organisational cultures, and cloud services and emerging technologies have become indispensable features to this end.

So much so that, IDC predicts that by 2023, more than 70 percent of organisations will use multi-cloud management platform capabilities as part of their managed cloud services portfolio. Digital native and digital-forward organisations are now able to obtain broader and deeper insights into their business, which will help them gain competitive advantage against more conservative companies in their markets.

An IDG survey indicates that technologies powering these insights — such as analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) — though highly desired, are still underutilised by such organisations. The survey noted that just over one-third of the respondents are using cloud-based analytics, AI/ML, and IoT technologies and fewer than half are looking to embed AI across all cloud solutions.

The Tech Excellence Day, hosted by YourStory and Google Cloud India, aims to help developers, business decision makers, and leaders across industries to gain valuable knowledge they need to enhance their proficiency in the above-mentioned capabilities.

To be conducted on June 25, 2021, this is a great opportunity to attend engaging keynote addresses, interactive sessions with industry leaders, and live Q&A sessions with Google Cloud experts. You can attend these sessions by registering here.

A power-packed day of actionable insights across diverse and engaging sessions

Tech Excellence Day will immensely benefit business leaders, decision-makers and IT professionals as they provide the necessary frameworks and perspectives that would enable them to leverage these technologies to their full potential.

From modernising applications to creating unmatched business value with data, you can look forward to knowing how industries are leveraging cloud technology to solve for scale and growth. You will also be able to find out about the key trends across industries, explore Cloud solutions that can solve business challenges and experience the power of Google Cloud first-hand by learning and through practise. Apart from the main track of the Tech Excellence Day, there will also be four parallel tracks that will be covering a diverse array of topics.

A chance to interact with some of the brightest minds of the ecosystem

We have an impressive lineup of industry leaders and experts to share their knowledge across a variety of topics. The sessions are ideal for understanding the trends that are ruling different industries, for exploring cloud solutions that can solve business challenges, and for experiencing the power of Google Cloud first-hand.

These interactive sessions will feature industry leaders and Google Cloud experts from across the board. In fact, we will be sharing our perspectives on how cloud technology can be leveraged to secure investments in today’s business environment on a panel discussion featuring some prominent names in the venture capital ecosystem.

To learn and discover the true potential of cloud technologies that can help transform your business, we urge you to register for the Tech Excellence Day and attend as many sessions as you can.

If you are interested in finding out how one can thrive in the digital ecosystem by leveraging cloud strategies, do visit the Digital Pioneers Club. This hub of specially curated content and programmes seeks to foster productivity, agility and a culture of innovation.

To conclude, if we can take anything for granted, it is that the journey towards business excellence is a constantly evolving one, especially in today’s business environment. We at Google Cloud are constantly striving to help businesses in this journey with the latest in technology and industry-specific technology insights. Keep an eye for more such thought-provoking engagements in the coming future. Till then, take and stay safe.