Saluting doctors tirelessly fighting for India

This National Doctors' Day, it is important to remember to appreciate and honour the doctors who are battling to save us all.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has seen doctors and other healthcare professionals on the frontlines, saving lives. They put themselves at risk, worked endless shifts, made life-altering choices — all to fight for our lives.

This National Doctors' Day, it is important to remember to appreciate and honour the doctors who are battling to save us all.

During this pandemic, many doctors had to face harassment and violence too. Medical practitioners say that people need to trust their doctors and believe that they are doing only their best to help patients.

“People need to respect doctors and have an attitude of gratitude. When we are doing our COVID-19 rounds, we can’t go near our families, we need to stay separate from our children," says Dr Shalini Joshi, Internal Medicine Consultant at Fortis Hospital, Bengaluru. Read more.

The Interview

India has one of the youngest populations in the world, and with many of them locked indoors, they've been hopping on to dating apps.

This is affirmed by Taru Kapoor, General Manager, India, Tinder and Match Group, who talks about how people are not just dating and finding meaningful connections through the app, but also landing jobs and even finding important resources during the pandemic.

Editor’s Pick: 100X Entrepreneur Podcast

Farooq Adam, Founder of ecommerce platform Fynd, firmly believes one can win by deploying at scale. 

Fynd was acquired by Reliance in August 2019 for a whopping 87.6 percent stake valued at Rs 295 crore. Farooq talks about the early days at Shopsense (rebranded as Fynd), getting acquired by Reliance, and his experience being an angel investor. Read more.

Startup Spotlight

An AI-enabled platform to detect deepfakes

According to a report by University College London, fake content would be difficult to detect and stop, and is used for varieties of mischief, such as discrediting a public figure or extracting funds.

Started in February 2021 by Jyoti Joshi, Milan Chaudhari, and Sarthak Gupta, Kroop AI is a deployable AI-enabled platform for businesses and individuals to identify deepfakes across audio, video, or image data. Read more.

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“No doctor will want their patients to suffer in any way, but please realise that doctors are not gods. We are trying our best to help patients. People need to trust their doctors.”

Dr Tejas Thakker, Orthopaedic Specialist at Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad

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