Ratan Tata emphasises fresh air, clean water, and nutritious food on World Environment Day

Ratan Tata, through his social media posts, spoke about an Indian environment where health should be the topmost priority among citizens.

Ratan Tata emphasises fresh air, clean water, and nutritious food on World Environment Day

Saturday June 05, 2021,

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On the occasion of World Environment Day, Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus, Tata Sons, emphasised the efforts towards providing clean water, nutritious food, and making health a top priority for everybody in the country.

Ratan Tata tweeted, “To create an Indian environment with fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, nutritious food with no one left hungry, and a way to care for everyone’s health, should be the priority for you and me on this environment day.”

Ratan Tata's message comes at a time when the world is battling the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, and one of the strongest safeguards against the deadly disease is maintaining proper hygiene.

The message shared on Twitter and Instagram has already gone viral.

The Tata Group has always been very conscious about giving back to society and conducting with ethical leadership. Tata Sons — the holding company of Tata Group headed by Ratan Tata — has been involved in numerous philanthropic activities.

In fact, on the occasion of Earth Day, Ratan Tata penned a note of appreciation to all those engaged in efforts towards preserving the environment.

In a post shared on Instagram, he said, “On this year’s Earth Day, I would like to take the time to share the hard work of young volunteers and innovators who have undertaken to protect, conserve, and fight for our planet with conviction.”

He also shared the innovations of organisations that have been working to better the environment and society.

Among them is Hasiru Dala Innovations (HDI), which has developed an innovative model that converts waste pickers into micro-entrepreneurs by providing them with a van and equipment for this service.

Ratan Tata has also been a very passionate supporter of the Indian startup ecosystem, and he was one of the early pioneers who made numerous investments in these young companies.

Edited by Suman Singh