Experts to weigh in on how businesses can harness the power of data for security operations

Experts to weigh in on how businesses can harness the power of data for security operations

Wednesday July 07, 2021,

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Over the years, cloud technology has evolved from being just a storage solution to a sophisticated ecosystem of on-demand digital solutions that can help enterprises boost productivity, stay agile and innovate faster, while optimising costs. Given how the COVID-19 pandemic unleashed new challenges for the business community across the world, more and more enterprises are exploring the potential of cloud solutions to build strategies for long-term business growth.

A Gartner report projected that cloud solutions are likely to comprise 14.2 percent of the total global enterprise IT spending market in 2024, up from 9.1 percent in 2020. The decision to undergo a digital transformation with cloud-based platforms has served organisations well during the pandemic as they switched to a remote working model and needed scalable solutions to adapt to the new normal.

Old challenges in new normal

As businesses shifted their workload to cloud environments almost overnight, the change brought along its own set of problems which included capacity upgrades, meeting data localisation requirements and getting rid of legacy architecture. However, what got the lion's share of businesses' attention was cybersecurity and how they approached the security and observability of their applications and data.

While companies switched to new tools to stay agile amid an uncertain economic outlook, they saw user tracking get less predictable and traditional methods of securing data failing to meet the new-age cybersecurity challenges. Plus, remote and hybrid work settings tested the resilience of IT teams who are expected to rise up to the challenge of a massive surge in digital operations without having their usual tools at disposal.

A report jointly compiled by Oracle and KPMG claimed that around 92 percent of the surveyed IT professionals felt that underdeveloped cloud security programmes and traditional data security approaches were creating a readiness gap. The lack of a security-first culture may cost organisations dear in terms of data loss, malware attacks and losing the trust of their clientele.

The lack of preparedness of organisations for an unprecedented crisis like the pandemic has made their systems and operations vulnerable to cyberthreats like phishing and data breaches. With companies trying to keep up with changing business landscape, their cybersecurity strategies too need to cater to new threats.

Cybersecurity in a pandemic-riddled business landscape

To that end, YourStory, in association with Sumo Logic, will be hosting an engaging panel discussion on ‘Harnessing the power of data for security operations’ to encourage conversations around the rising importance of cybersecurity for businesses.

The virtual event will be conducted on 21st July 2021 | 5:00 PM and will feature leading experts from across sectors who’ll share their insights about the changing priorities of businesses when it comes to cybersecurity and how innovative tools powered by technologies like data analytics and machine learning can be instrumental in tackling such concerns, while reducing costs and enabling agility in a post-pandemic scenario.

The audience can look forward to hearing the panelists as they dive deep into the best practices that companies can adopt to reduce their data exposure, how they can leverage data to drive business growth and the measures that could improve cloud-scale data predictability, among other topics.

A continuous intelligence platform, Sumo Logic offers cloud-native data monitoring and analysis that generate actionable insights for cloud environments and helps businesses keep up with evolving cyberthreat landscapes.

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