Medical coworking startup Aartas CliniShare aims to make private practice easy for doctors

Launched by two doctors, medical coworking startup Aartas CliniShare space is ‘reinventing the doctor’s clinic’ by offering space, staff, and technology that ease administrative burdens. It has raised $5 million from QRG Holding and aims to grow to 100 smart multi-speciality clinics in India.

Medical coworking startup Aartas CliniShare aims to make private practice easy for doctors

Wednesday August 04, 2021,

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The future of  work in the new normal may not be at the office, but chances are it’s not at home either. 

As the world opens up and businesses plan to innovate and grow, they are looking for flexible coworking solutions. Coworking spaces, which took a huge hit amid the pandemic, are expected to emerge stronger in the post-COVID world. 

Delhi-based medical coworking startup Aartas CliniShare is showing the way to doctors who hesitate to open private clinics as they find it tough to manage infrastructure and other requirements. 

Launched by brothers Dr Ankur Sharma and Dr Ayush Sharma today, the medical coworking space aims to “reinvent the doctor’s clinic” by offering “space, staff, and technology” to allow doctors to manage outpatient services, including appointment management, clinical notes, digital prescriptions and much more.

Co-founders of Aartas Clinishare (L:R) Dr. Ayush Sharma, Dr. Ankur Sharma

Co-founders of Aartas Clinishare (L:R) Dr. Ayush Sharma, Dr. Ankur Sharma

It makes it easy for a doctor to run their complete OPD practice – without setting up a clinic. 

“Our platform helps the doctor to focus only on patient care. The healthtech startup provides a solution by building clinics that adapt the technological advancements, bridging the gap between physical clinic and digital platforms, providing a seamless and powerful experience to doctors and patients,” Ankur tells YourStory.

Backed by QRG Holding, the promoter of Havells, the co-working space is being launched in South Delhi. 

“Our first CliniShare office is spread over 10,000 square feet and offers 13 cabins along with a waiting area, doctors’ lounge, and a cafeteria,” he says.

“The medical coworking space offers well-trained staff support. Whether an established doctor or a new practitioner, our pay-by-the hour plans will give doctors the ultimate flexibility to find a clinic space across prime locations.” 
Aarthas Co-working space

Aarthas Co-working space

Keen to reduce the administrative burden on doctors, Aartas CliniShare envisions building emotive technology, ensuring physical care, and making healthcare easy and accessible. 

“We are associated with the healthcare fraternity, and understood some of the challenges doctors face with respect to private clinics, be it arranging funds or location. The pandemic has also brought the importance of hygiene to the fore, which means added pressure of putting in place and maintaining safety and sanitation measures at the clinic,” Ayush says. 

Aartas Clinicare does all that, freeing up the doctor’s time. Patients can easily use the Aartas app to enter the clinic, speed through registration with QR code technology, get their paperless consult, make a digital payment, and check out right their phone.

Empowering doctors

Aartas CliniShare presently has a team of 10 members.  

Both founders have a solid background. Ankur received his master’s, majoring in health policy from Boston University. He completed his medical training in Mumbai, and was also a visiting scholar in trauma surgery at North-western University.

As a physician scientist, Ayush trained and worked at the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, US. He was a co-investigator and discovered a biomarker for early detection of pancreatic cancer (patent pending). He is pursuing his master’s degree, majoring in big data mining and use of AI in healthcare from Johns Hopkins University.

aartas clinishare

YS Design Team

Together, they want to help doctors and patients – starting from Delhi and moving pressing on across India.

The startup has raised $5 million from QRG Holding, the promoter of Havells.

Ankur says the investment will help the coworking startup expand its presence across Delhi-NCR. “The capital will help us build a strong management team and enhance our offering by creating and adopting new technologies to create a seamless experience for doctors and patients,” he says. 

Speaking about their investment, Anil Rai Gupta, CMD, Havells, (QRG Holding), says: “We are delighted to deepen our relationship with Aartas CliniShare. It is a privilege to be part of this innovative healthtech startup, and introduce the concept of a medical coworking space to cater to the needs of the doctors and patients.


“We are confident that the startup, by leveraging technology, will empower more doctors to independently give their best care. With Aartas CliniShare, doctors will get an alternative ecosystem that is free of corporate pressures, and at the same time let them be part of something bigger. We are confident that Aartas CliniShare will transform the Indian healthcare system.” 

The way ahead

Speaking about future plans, the co-founders say they are working to bring patients and doctors together in a whole new way with CliniShare. “We have woven technology into the very fabric of our spaces to make each step of the patient care journey easier and seamless.”

The healthtech startup plans to create a parallel healthcare ecosystem where doctors practice their “idea of care” that works best for their “patients”. 

CliniShare plan to open medical coworking spaces in other locations in Delhi-NCR, including Gurgaon, Punjabi Bagh, Pusa Road etc. After New Delhi, the team plans to expand to Mumbai and Tier II cities. “We aim to create 100 smart multi-speciality clinics in India – all operating via technology,” Ayush says. 

Edited by Teja Lele

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