Help your enterprises grow by adopting the latest tech trends

By Arvinder Pal Singh
September 29, 2021, Updated on : Wed Sep 29 2021 06:01:55 GMT+0000
Help your enterprises grow by adopting the latest tech trends
The rapidly evolving expectations of digitally conscious consumers are pushing us towards a more holistic approach to tech adoption for assuring a seamless human-to-business interaction.
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The current economic scenario demands enterprise leaders stay a few steps ahead of the digital disruption. Today, businesses are truly faced with decisions on how to optimise their growth strategies in convergence with the right technologies.

With technology transforming nearly every aspect of our lives, we are observing a growing need for anywhere, anytime digital solutions.

The rapidly evolving expectations of digitally conscious consumers are pushing us towards a more holistic approach to tech adoption for assuring a seamless human-to-business interaction. 

360-degree enterprise growth

Technology democratisation

This is so much more than just having access to new tools. Enterprises must empower employees to break down barriers of departments to reduce process overheads and reach decisions confidently.

They should be encouraged to become tech strategists. By placing them at the heart of the data-driven digital transformation, businesses must infuse thought process ownership among their workforce to help the entire ecosystem evolve inside-out.

Technologies such as AI, ML, and advanced analytics are just not meant to an end but are insight-to-action drivers in hands of people to deliver meaningful impact.

Anywhere, anytime workplace with the cloud

The face of work as we know has changed. We must prioritise tech solutions that foster productivity, customer commitment, and ensure work-life balance.

With an “anywhere anytime” workplace model for employees, partners, and stakeholders, we can guarantee seamless collaboration and a delightful experience across geographies.

Virtualisation software and cloud-native solutions allow people to carry their work environment with them wherever they go.

With concerns about security, privacy, and resource maintainability easily addressed with cloud adoption, businesses can now focus on driving bottom lines, while employees can invest efforts into becoming strategic decision-makers.

Total experience (TX)

As one of the top tech trends this year, TX is all set to skyrocket the satisfaction metrics of consumers. It enables businesses to deliver an exceptional experience to whoever interacts with the brand.

We must evaluate multi-experience (MX), user experience (UX), customer experience (CX), and employee experience (EX) together as part of TX.

With this unified approach, we are better placed to understand and respond to new customer behaviours, expectations, channel preferences, and agile practices.

Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs)

These ensure a worry-free collaborative environment across a business ecosystem. For multi-party data analytics, enterprises can pool their data for insights sharing.

This requires the decentralisation of processes without exposing the underlying data. With stringent government regulations assuming centre-stage for data protection, the adoption of PETs early on is going to be a game-changer.

Digital twin technologies

Think of this as a virtual prototype of a real product, process, or service that will be studied, monitored, and improved with changes occurring in its simulated environment.

All these learnings and opportunities discovered from a virtual realm can be translated into the physical world of business to transform operations and processes to build resilience, reduce downtime, and accelerate GTM strategies.

Assess and then adopt

Enterprises must adopt the latest tech trends only after assessing their current IT landscape minutely. Before any new tech adoption, you must answer three essential questions to decide on the future direction of your business:

  • Does adopting a particular technology align well with your business goals? 
  • What kind of skill development investments are you looking at?
  • How well do the new tech addresses interoperability, scalability, and integration concerns?

Into the future

We are moving towards a world where enterprises must rise above the conversation of just gaining a competitive edge. Business models need to absorb tech transformations to visualise a future of improved collaborations, actions, and superlative experiences.

Enterprises of the future are going to be self-sustaining living entities with technology as the pulse to drive community-wide growth and explore digital realities.

Edited by Suman Singh

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)