Fintech unicorn Pine Labs to train and recruit Olympics, Asian Games athletes every year

Pine Labs plans to "provide a safe landing" to athletes in their post-sports careers. This is the first time that a startup would be offering jobs to sportspeople.

Fintech unicorn Pine Labs to train and recruit Olympics, Asian Games athletes every year

Monday August 02, 2021,

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In a first of its kind move, fintech unicorn Pine Labs plans to annually "recruit, train, and employ" at least three Asian games athletes and/or Olympians from the past.

Announcing this decision in a tweet, Pine Labs Founder and CEO Amrish Rau said,

"As sportspersons retire and look to build a second innings, they deserve an opportunity in emerging sectors. Sometimes this is tough, and at Pine Labs, we will do our best to give them new avenues."

"Sportspersons and athletes spend years honing their skills and don't find time to learn technical skills. Some athletes drop out early as they are unsure of their post-sports career. We want to provide a safe landing and encourage athletes to pursue their dreams longer," he added.

Noida-based Pine Labs, which recently raised a $600 million round led by Fidelity, BlackRock, IIFL, and other investors, wants to see India's past sporting heroes in tech and entrepreneurship roles in future.

Job listings on the Pine Labs website show that the fintech leader is looking to fill new positions in software development, quality assurance, product management, content marketing, and sales.

Amrish said,

"There are many faceless sportspersons who don't become champions, but have grit, determination, and winning capability. They can be a great asset to any organisation. Think beyond the medals and appreciate the champion qualities they possess."

While notable Indian athletes in the past have secured jobs from corporations and government divisions, this is the first time that a new-age startup is out to hire them.

"Large Indian corporates and not for profits like the Olympic Gold Quest have done a lot for supporting the medal quest. PSUs like petroleum companies, railways, the army have had jobs positions for athletes. It's now our time to create avenues in the startup world for those who bring us glory," the founder added.

As the Indian contingent returns from the ongoing Tokyo Olympics in a week, Pine Labs could be putting its plans to action real soon.