From women bikers and financiers, to a Masterchef contestant drumming up delicacies on YouTube: Meet the content creators taking the stage TechSparks 2021

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It’s hard to scroll through social media today without stumbling upon some or the other content creator talking about some or the other new brand. But beyond marketing tools for brands, content creators today are fast becoming opinion leaders.

Reel it to feel it. Slay or shine?

In these times of the “hustle or die” culture, everyone with a smartphone is a creator.

And as hard as some cheesy creators make us cringe, for brands launching in this new, mobile-first India, or even looking to scale, influencers and creators are important marketing assets that can get the word out.

In India, the creator base is estimated to be 80 million to 100 million, as per a news publication that cited data from social media websites. At 100 million creators in India, that’s almost as large as the number of Indians on the internet.

From streamers on YouTube and other platforms, producers and content creators on OTT platforms, and influencers on Instagram, to Snapchatters, tastemakers on short video apps, video producers, and bloggers —  India’s content creator guild is creating tidal waves everywhere, leading not just conversations around up and coming brands and home businesses, but also around issues that concern their demographic, such as LGBT+ rights, equal employment opportunities, body positivity, financial independence, etc  —  topics that millennials are most passionate about.

This year at TechSparks 2021, hear from some of the best Indian content creators, on the state of this demographic in India, what their take on this growing trend in India is, whether content creators can promise something more meaningful than snackable content, how brands can leverage this group, and, finally, if the last word in social media marketing will indeed rest with content creators in the future.

We’ll kick off with prominent social media influencers such as Ruhee Dosani, a digital content creator also known as “Punjab di kudi living abroad”, who along with her ‘We Desi’ friends, churns out mashups featuring songs in Bhojpuri to Punjabi; Chef Sanjyot Keer, Founder of Your Food Lab who got his big break as a food producer for MasterChef India Season 4 and went on to lead the food content production space via his channel across platforms; Focused Indian aka Karan Sonawane, an influencer who definitely has finger on the pulse of his Gen Z audience; and Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha and Niyati Mavinkurve aka Abhi&Niyu, whose video travelogue series “100 reasons to love India” marked the beginning of their content creation careers, talking about finding a niche in the already crowded influencer space. 

Our roundtable on “Content queens who influence” will see Vishakha Fulsunge aka RiderGirl Vishakha — India’s first female motovlogger; Aanchal Agrawal, digital content creator and stand-up comedian; Aastha Shah, digital content creator; Neha Nagar, digital content creator and Founder of Taxation Help; and Shraddha Gurung aka LilMissGurung, digital content creator, talking about the women-led content creator community, and the challenges that plague the group even as they engage with their audience on supposedly democratic social media platforms. 

This motley crew of women have gone above and beyond to shatter glass ceilings and create safe spaces for their audience that consists mostly of other women. Take, for example, Vishakha who, on her YouTube channel ‘RiderGirl Vishakha’ vlogged  her journey motorbiking across India, and took 935,000 people on that journey along with her, virtually. Or Aanchal who commands 203k followers on Instagram.

Neha curates financial content on her YouTube channel for 198k subscribers, breaking into a space largely considered a “man’s domain”, while Shraddha’s blog littlemissgurung and her YouTube channel, on the other hand curates the best in the world of sustainable, affordable fashion.


From women content creators, we’ll swipe up into the world of Gen Z influencers in a panel that will feature ace Gen Z digital content creators Tarini Shah, who transitioned from TikTok to Instagram Reels after the former was banned in India and is pro at creating 15-30-second fashion and lifestyle video content, and Taneesha Mirwani a  young YouTuber and Instagram video content creator. 

Don’t miss out digital content creators and influencers Niharika NM —  a Los Angeles-based Indian content creator known mostly for her comic YouTube videos and Instagram Reels, and BeYouNick —  or Nikung Lotia, an Indian comedy YouTuber talking about creating content that cuts through the noise. 

And that’s not all.


Back for its 13th edition in an all virtual format, TechSparks 2021 will also feature a masterclass by Monk Entertainment CEO, Viraj Sheth, and its talent head, Aayush Tiwari about taking influencer marketing to the next level, especially in a marketplace that’s constantly churning trends.


Join us for these conversations —  and a lot more —  at TechSparks 2021, where we’re turning our focus to the future with our theme “What’s Next: Rethinking the future”. The event will be held between October 25th and October 30th, and tickets are fast selling out —  so get yours now!

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Edited by Anju Narayanan