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How Fixderma makes skincare innovative with its dermatologically approved products

How Fixderma makes skincare innovative with its dermatologically approved products

Friday October 22, 2021 , 4 min Read

Proper care, nourishment, and treatment are the basic skincare essentials for healthy, spotless, and acne-free skin. Cosmeceuticals bridge the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceutical-grade creams. While cosmetics change the appearance of the skin, cosmeceuticals change its function – as they are highly effective products containing active ingredients that actually change the way your skin works. Shaily Mehrotra CEO & founder of Fixderma says that “at Fixderma, our formulas are designed to improve skin health, repair damage that causes specific skin conditions and visible signs of aging. Our formulations contain biologically active ingredients that have proven, clinical benefits.”

The journey

Since 2008, Fixderma have been developing scientifically formulated cosmeceutical skincare at our state-of-the-art IS0 22716:2007 GMP Certified manufacturing unit spread over 55000 square feet in Neemrana Rajasthan India.

Proceeding with the idea of formulating advanced skincare technology backed by science, visionary Anurag Mehrotra, Chairman of Fixderma Group, proposed the formation of an integrated company by venturing into the path of developing new markets and finance, based on his vast experience.

Carving the roadmap of success was easier with the extensive support of Shaily Mehrotra, CEO and Founder of Fixderma Group. Her interpersonal skills coupled with an in-depth industry knowledge ensured relentless success for the organization.

Currently exporting to more than 35 countries, the Fixderma line of skincare speaks of transformation products to nourish and fall in love with your skin at every step of the skincare journey.

Business and Growth

Curated with elegant formulations, Fixderma has carved a niche with its products based on quality, innovations, and services.

“We have designed our processing units with modernized facilities and in-house quality control setup with the latest instrumentation along with skilled professionals. We aim for complete satisfaction of our users by providing them a qualitative range of products, keeping the quality in mind. In our GMP-certified unit, the manufacturing is done as per GMP norms infused with the latest and sophisticated machines to produce world-class and contamination-free products,” says Anurag.

With more than 175 formulations designed to improve skin health and repair conditions, Fixderma has been going strong since its inception. To accelerate the growth and keep up with the evolving technological advancements, a regular periodical and online in-house training is dedicated for the technical staff, so that they can use validated methods and procedures perfectly, producing perfect and cost-effective final products.


Creating an impact with premium products

Premium beauty growth reached historic highs in 2021, supported by a growing shift toward higher-quality and more personalized solutions. Consumers are reassessing their values and priorities and are increasingly focusing on experience over ownership.

Fixderma offers a premium range of skin care products that act as a bridge between prescription-based products and over-the-counter cosmetics. Besides, the products are also backed by science with proven efficacy.

The products by Fixderma are developed with immense care, based on their expertise in skin biology and specialization in dermatology. Moreover, all the products are clinically tested while working along with healthcare professionals, dermatologists, and laser clinics, designed to preserve healthy skin while initiating customized responses meant for every dysfunction.

If you take a walk down the beauty aisle or a quick scroll through your feed, it's easy to get swept away by Insta-ready impressive FCL, the premium range of Fixderma. Complete FCL range of 29 products have very elegant and consumer friendly packaging. All serums are thoughtfully packaged in double walled airless pumps which prevents the product's contents from being wasted or contaminated, ensuring we get the most out of our go-to favorites.

Be it sensitive skin, dry to atopic skin, or acne-prone skin, Fixderma caters to all the variants and retains the glow, whatever might be their sensitivity or environment. All its skincare products are made cautiously avoiding ingredients like synthetic dyes and fragrances, mineral oils, and petroleum. For instance, the Nigrifix cream is one of the most essential skincare formulations to treat hyperpigmentation associated with acanthosis nigricans. This cream is the first-of-its-kind customized formulation that helps to clear the darkness and hardness related to certain body parts like the neck, nape, thighs, elbows, knees, knuckles, and back.

Fixderma’s range of sunscreens is non-greasy, light-weight cream based which conceals the skin from harmful radiations and tan, while ensuring the required glow throughout the day with a perfect matte finish.

Fixderma is currently focused on scaling up customer satisfaction with its diversified range of products. With its commitment to provide advanced skincare backed by science, Fixderma is always ready to fix all your skincare woes from Acne, Dry/Oily/Combination skin care conditions and sun protection.