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How this new-age fintech innovator is creating a buzz with its comprehensive work culture

 How this new-age fintech innovator is creating a buzz with its comprehensive work culture

Tuesday October 19, 2021 , 5 min Read

A supportive workplace builds an army of loyal employees, and that sums up the work culture prevailing at Easebuzz, a fintech company that aims to revolutionise the digital payments platform in India.

Easebuzz is a unique online payment solution — designed for small and medium enterprises — offering core financial and ancillary services to help firms digitise their business transactions, collections, and settlements.

Payments are events, and the collection of payments is a process. Back in 2014, this became the founding thought behind forming Easebuzz. Rohit Prasad, CEO and Managing Director, Easebuzz recalls, “We had a dream to solve problems related to collection mechanisms at the least cost to get the informal businesses formalised. Most of such businesses relied on external/third party vendors to manage their backend operations related to collection mechanisms which were more costly and complicated.”

Pune-based Easebuzz was founded in 2017 as a one-stop solution for businesses that aim to solve problems related to collections from a single dashboard.

The new-age work culture

With its tribe of loyal employees, leadership commitment, and an innovative approach to encourage an inclusive culture, Easebuzz has evolved to become the new-age fintech company. “Our commitment has led to outstanding results in terms of attracting, retaining, and advancing a diverse workforce, strengthening our culture of inclusion, market-leading practices, and external recognition,” says Rohit.

Adding more to the inclusive work culture, Satyam Singh, Vice President of Easebuzz says, “Over the years, the work culture has moved towards process, becoming technology-oriented. The flexibility to bring innovative ideas and also the chance to implement them gets us moving. Since the core offerings by EaseBuzz are strong, it has laid the foundation for creating successful products with competitive offerings and innovative products.”

Similarly, Chetan Pandey, Senior Data Analyst at Easebuzz, particularly recalls an incident where inclusive work helped to achieve targets. “While the EDAP team was working with PG for a feature development for merchants, I could not help but feel at that point how ready everyone was to chime in and help regardless of the team they belonged to,” adds Chetan.

Working at Easebuzz is always exciting, as described by Karan Bhutwala. “In a startup, building a work culture takes time, but Easebuzz makes the work easy and employees satisfied where everyone shares the same vision, aim, and mindset,” he adds. Tagging along is the opportunity ensured by Easebuzz for learning and upgrading skills which made Karan explore the territories of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Here, Chetan also didn’t miss the opportunity to thank Easebuzz for providing multiple opportunities to upskill. “Coming from a traditional data warehousing background, cloud technologies are a new skill that I picked up here,” he says.

Easebuzz aims to create an ecosystem where leaders can flourish and promote a diverse workforce that would help to sustain the inclusive work culture. Spark happens when people collide. To float this idea, the open-office environment at Easebuzz includes ‘pod areas’ with enough workspace, seating, and outlet access. These areas facilitate the employees to make calls, participate in video conferences, or work/research privately. A floor-to-ceiling accent wall at Easebuzz changes the boardroom to evolve into a warm meeting space.

The startup witnessed growth even during the pandemic as it onboarded 80 new members.

API-based solution to manage payments

Easebuzz is dedicated to creating APIs that help include fintech services within your existing software or ERP system. Easebuzz works on building APIs that help you integrate any of our products into your B2B software or web portal with ease. “We work with business stakeholders, software developers, ERP players, CRM, etc to empower them with financial services and products that can be white labelled and included in their tech stack,” says Amit Kumar, CTO and Director, Easebuzz. The platform also lets you create customised payment links. Your customers/vendors/partners just need to enter an amount to make payments via debit/credit cards, net banking, digital wallets, EMIs, UPIs, Ola Money, and SIMPL.

Comparing it to the other payment portals, users just need to sign up and KYC documents to get started with Easebuzz. Then they can enter bank and business details to initiate and monitor the transactions.

In addition, Easebuzz recruits skilled professionals to create a diverse workforce, thereby investing in their overall professional growth and development through opportunities to learn, serving clients with distinction, while developing themselves as leaders. Easebuzz also believes in creating change within and beyond, and strongly supports the cause of gender diversity by promoting equal pay and benefits for comparable roles, equal opportunities for progression and promotion, and training to raise awareness and promote fair behaviours. Besides, there is also an anti-harassment policy active and working.

Growth and future roadmap

Easebuzz has raised $4 million as part of its Series A funding venture led by 8i ventures, Varanium Capital, and Guild Capital. Currently, aiding almost 50,000 businesses and merchants worldwide to collect and disburse payments digitally to multiple vendors, customers, and accounts, Easebuzz is keeping a constant tab on the ever-evolving consumer requirements, seeking innovations, and roping new products to help businesses meet the requirements of the surging digital revolution, thereby playing a pivotal part in shaping the Digital India narrative.

The company is also involved with POSH training that includes soft skills, phishing attack, email etiquette program, information security, and conducting webinars on tokenisation in card payments.

Discussing the long-term goal, Rohit concludes, “Positioning Easebuzz in the market on top of the payment collection is a part of the plan.”