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Learn how to grow your wealth like billionaires with Paytm Money’s Passive Funds Masterclass

Learn how to grow your wealth like billionaires with Paytm Money’s Passive Funds Masterclass

Monday October 18, 2021 , 4 min Read

Ever wondered how the richest people in India grow their wealth, or how they make their money work for them? The answer is simple - They never depend on just one source of income. Because they know that having a single source of income is one of the biggest risks they can take. Instead, creating multiple income streams through passive funds is the path they usually choose. And it's a path you should consider too.

India’s investment landscape has seen a huge shift in the past few years, with passive investment grabbing quite a few eyeballs. The most popular examples of a passive fund would be an index fund or an exchange-traded fund (ETF). While it is already quite popular globally, passive funds are currently making waves in India as well. As per Morningstar, the total AUM (Assets Under Management) of passive funds has grown faster than active funds, and as of July 2021, the total AUM of passive funds was pegged at Rs 3.82 lakh crore. This boom in the industry can be credited to the ease of managing passive funds. While active funds need dedicated fund managers to monitor the fund and decide whether to sell or buy regularly in order to maximise returns, passive funds are easier to manage and require relatively less monitoring.

Paytm Money presents Passive Funds Masterclass to make your understanding and management of passive funds a lot smoother and easier.

What to expect from Passive Funds Masterclass

The online Passive Funds Masterclass by Paytm Money, from October 21-22, will have experts from the industry simplify and explain passive funds. Along with a detailed introduction to the topic, the two-day masterclass will take you through an action plan and strategy to master wealth creation through passive funds.

Topics that will be covered:

  • A detailed introduction to passive funds - This will cover the nitty-gritties of the topic, including asset allocation, risk profiling and more.
  • Understanding how passive funds are different - This section will cover the difference between MF stocks and passive funds, a deep-dive into active and passive funds and more.
  • Mastering investment strategies - The masterclass will have experts share their views about the best international passive investment strategies and how you can identify the best passive income stream for yourself.
  • Analysis of domestic and international investing - This will cover how passive fund investing fares in India and globally, and how they complement each other.
  • Starting with a minimum amount of Rs 10,000 - All you need to invest is just Rs 10,000 per month in passive funds to start your smart financial journey without the worry of active fund management.

Who should attend?

This masterclass is for anyone who wants to invest smartly, without the hassle that comes with active fund management. It will help you explore income streams beyond the regular ones through passive funds and transform your financial life with simple, unconventional investment ideas. After all, why should just billionaires have all the fun?

Book your slots now on Paytm Insider!

If you truly want to change the way you look at your finances, you don’t have to stop at just the Passive Funds Masterclass. Because Paytm Money has many more sessions curated to broaden investor knowledge and provide outcome based learning solutions. Investing is a continuous learning process, and Paytm Money has masterclasses designed to help you at various stages. From the framework of investing to an experienced take, these sessions will teach you an array of things. The session content will be shared with all attendees so that you can design your path and achieve the results you’ve dreamt of. Check out other masterclasses by Paytm Money here.