‘The metaverse has become the newest macro-goal for many of the world’s tech giants’ – 20 weekly quotes on digital transformation

From enabler to driver, these quotes from the week of October 4-10 capture tech impacts sweeping across the world.

‘The metaverse has become the newest macro-goal for many of the world’s tech giants’ – 20 weekly quotes on digital transformation

Friday October 15, 2021,

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Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week. This special series of quotes focuses on the increasing impact of digital media around the world (see the previous post here). Share these 20 gems and insights with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

Digitisation will play a huge role in creating a differentiated service experience catering to every consumer. - Ganesh Lakshminarayanan, Airtel Business

Differentiation and relevance of a customer experience using technology, datam and insights, will pave the course in the current times as well as forward. - Mitesh Agarwal, Google Cloud India

Customisation goes a long way and as a seller, you need to put in that extra effort to make your product stand out during the festive season. - Hirdyesh Mordani, MyEasyStore

Given the complementary strengths of the physical and online channels, a hybrid structure is beginning to emerge as the new face of retail. - Sandip Chhettri, TradeIndia

Currently, BNPL isn’t solving an affordability problem. BNPL needs to be a universal product. - Ashneer Grover, BharatPe

When you start building a brand online, it’s all about hustling. Building a brand from scratch is both exciting and challenging. - Akshae Golekar and Ashitosh Wadkar, Optiminastic Media

A data-driven [approach] enables enterprises to take insights based confident decisions every day. It helps them unravel new business opportunities, identify the risks and gauge industry changes, even before they occur. - Rajesh Murthy, Intellicus Technologies

The road to recovery of the MSME sector is paved with data. Data can provide the fuel to power better and faster decisions, and improve their resilience at this time of economic uncertainty and beyond. - Aditya Prasad, OkCredit

Never compromise with operational ease and security while building something. - Tulsi Pargain, Intuit


The industry demand for cloud adoption is far outpacing the number of cloud-skilled workers available, leaving organisations struggling to find and hire the talent needed to implement cloud services. - Amit Mehta, AISPL

Upskilling and engaging with the workforce is key to every organisation's productivity and customer experience. - Pravin Agarwala, BetterPlace

With more and more industrial workers getting access to smartphones, we see a huge potential in using technology to reimagine workplace processes, and unlock massive value for companies and workers alike. - Arpit Dave, Smartstaff

We are at the cusp of a gaming revolution and the gaming ecosystem is working towards user-friendly smartphones and leveraging 5G technologies. - Jayesh Ranjan, Telangana Government

Education experience for a majority of students is still archaic, input-driven, with zero focus on outcomes. - Ashish Munjal, Sunstone Eduversity

Personalised learning extends students’ freedom to choose the appropriate learning approach to their learning abilities and retention rate. - Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal, 21K School

The consumption of far more liberated content through films and social media has helped mothers prioritise compatibility and trust when it comes to supporting their children in finding a life partner. - Snehil Khanor, TrulyMadly


There needs to be an amalgamation between crypto and traditional financial instruments of investment. - Ashish Singhal, CoinSwitch Kuber

The crypto industry feels very much like the early internet days of the mid-90s. So much to build and so early, and so much opportunity to disrupt technological, traditional industries, and make people's lives better. - Surojit Chatterjee, Coinbase

The metaverse has become the newest macro-goal for many of the world’s tech giants. - Matthew Ball, EpyllionCo

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