Intel’s unique 24-hour marathon AI event across five continents aims to solve problems that concern us all

Intel’s unique 24-hour marathon AI event across five continents aims to solve problems that concern us all

Thursday November 25, 2021,

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How can we create responsible innovation with AI? How can we build more humanity into technology? How can we power climate change with AI? How can we reduce the number of fatalities on our roads? How can we make our education and workplaces more diverse and inclusive?

All these questions, and more will be answered at 2021, a one-of-a-kind event to find solutions that concern us "all". Organised by Intel along with key partners across the world, the event will delve deep into intriguing topics such as future mobility systems, building AI superpowers and smart cities, boost AI skill quotients, AI startups, food security, accessible and affordable healthcare, drug discovery acceleration and much more.

A unique follow-the-sun marathon event format 2021 is set to follow a unique follow-the-sun 24-hour marathon event format that would kick off at 10AM AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) and then move across geographies such as South East Asia, India, EMEA as the event progresses - finally ending with Americas at 15:20 CST (Central Standard Time: CST). As such, the event will be all-virtual and real-time - and accessible globally.

Exploring AI advancements in healthcare, mobility, governance, education and other diverse fields, the event will focus on collaboration and policy in addition to spotlighting the latest AI success stories in various fields from around the world, presented by global thought leaders in the space.

Over 50 industry expert speakers 2021 aims to be a global platform where government leaders, acclaimed academicians, eminent entrepreneurs and other thought leaders in the AI ecosystem will come together for conversations and collaborations beyond borders, as one world.

The marathon event will feature four formats across five geographies and have 24 hours of content in all, with more than 40 sessions delivered by more than 70 speakers. 2021 aspires to be an event beyond borders, where technology and humanity come together to find solutions for population scale challenges. If you are an AI enthusiast who’s keen on learning about the latest advancements in AI from around the world – first-hand from global leaders in the space – do sign up for a free spot at the event.