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Anil Bedi believes success is happiness achieved, rising out of prosperity, equality, and justice

Anil Bedi, Managing Director at Bedico Automotives, wants to bring about reforms in the society through jobs, income, and growth to achieve prosperity.

Anil Bedi believes success is happiness achieved, rising out of prosperity, equality, and justice

Friday December 24, 2021 , 3 min Read

For Anil Bedi, Saturday feels more like a pleasure besides being a relaxing day, as it also emits the feeling that it’s soon going to be a holiday. “So it's more of a pleasure that’s intended rather than the actual holiday,” he adds.

But it’s been a long time since he enjoyed a holiday owing to his busy schedule. However, even if he manages to get a longer holiday by sheer luck, he would love to explore new places, irrespective of hills, beaches, or any foreign land.

For instant relaxation, Anil would prefer listening to spiritual lectures or reading spiritual books. “I am attracted to Radha Swami Satsang Beas. He interprets a lot of his spiritual lectures from the Gurbani, and his extraction and interpretation of the Gurbani is also quite appealing,” he says.

A morning person by choice, Anil starts his day early and usually reaches his workplace well earlier than anyone. “My territory has mostly been the eastern sector which works more than two hours ahead of us, and thus, got me into this routine where we have to start early to catch up with them,” he adds.

If given a chance to host celebrities for dinner, Anil would like to only invite people with spiritual knowledge.

Interestingly, if ever given a chance of meeting the Prime Minister of the country, Anil would like to discuss the issue of corporate funding, which is making the system corrupt, and second queries about the judicial system, because justice delayed is justice denied.

“One thing that is denied to our society is justice, especially for the poor. Every strata of Indian society is denied justice. We need judicial reforms for the overall development of society. Our society ranks poorly on the happiness index because it is devoid of justice here. I would like to have our judicial system reformed so that justice is delivered quickly,” he adds.

Apart from justice, prosperity is something Anil has desired throughout his life. “I have always wanted prosperity for all in my life, including prosperity of my ecosystem, and society. We should think of reforms to achieve prosperity, through jobs, income, and growth. When I started my career, I had only five employees. Today, I have more than 150 employees. The more people I can provide employment to, the more jobs I can create, and the more prosperity I can bring in society, and that would be my biggest achievement.”

For all those who consider Anil to be a tough person, he wants to clear the air. “For many, I’m a hard nut to crack. But people don’t know much about me,” he concludes.