[Techie Tuesday] Improved AI gives chatbots a scope to grow in the digital ecosystem

Sumit Gupta, Founder, Whizard API and The Viral Pitch, explores how the application of Artificial Intelligence in chatbots has gained traction in recent times as it enabled businesses to serve their customers better.

The pandemic outbreak has pushed the process of digital adoption amongst businesses across sectors. Embracing technological advancements has been the ideal way to survive these challenging times, especially for companies to offer high-end services to the customers and even enjoy a competitive edge in the market.

With this surge in digital transformation, new-age technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI), gained popularity. As a result, its application in the form of chatbots also gained traction as they enabled businesses to serve their customers better.

The transformation of AI paving the way for the growth of chatbots

AI’s existence dates to years, but it has evolved significantly over a period. One of the remarkable transformations of AI is that it has now become conversational and AI-enabled chatbots are the appropriate example of the same.

As the technology of AI is booming, even AI chatbots are undergoing transformations. They now have access to a plethora of opportunities to grow in the digital space which is giant and robust. It is anticipated that various innovations will be carried out in AI and this would lead to the enhancement of chatbot features. Furthermore, this would also boost their demand in the times to come.

The global chatbot market size is expected to exhibit a significant growth in the times to come. This growth will primarily be driven by the increased adoption of chatbots by businesses for enhanced customer services.

Thus, it would be appropriate to say that organisations that are keen to embrace AI are promptly adapting to chatbots to automate their sales and provide high-end customer services.

WhatsApp automation: The seamless integration of WhatsApp with chatbots

There has been a shift in customer behavior as well, as we see a movement from websites to conversational messaging on applications. This is the major reason why chatbots are now integrated with messaging platforms and WhatsApp chatbots are a prominent instance of the same.

WhatsApp automation enabled by AI-driven chatbots has emerged to be the ideal strategy to reach out to the customers, assist them in their purchasing journey and resolve their queries quickly as well as efficiently.

WhatsApp chatbots: The new-age tool

WhatsApp chatbots have simplified not only the customer journey, but communication as well. They facilitate effective customer interaction and enable quick as well as efficient resolution of their queries with their automation, speech recognition, and image recognition features.

WhatsApp chatbots offer customised template messages that help automate the entire customer communication. Be it order confirmations, appointment reminders, shipping updates, mass messages, etc.; every communication happens in an instant.

By automating WhatsApp, businesses can also send auto feedback messages in a quick turnaround time and instantly assign agents to quicken sale closures. Furthermore, AI-driven bots offer high-end customer experiences by enabling hassle-free query resolution and personalised conversations.

Various WhatsApp automation tool providers also develop intelligent chatbots that are equipped with speech recognition features. This technology enables businesses to not only automate the linear conversations but also decode the voice notes sent through the instant messaging platform.

Using this feature, customers can send their messages via audio notes without manually typing their responses. The smart virtual chatbots using the voice-to-text algorithm then recognize their queries and resolve them effectively.

Some WhatsApp chatbots also come with image recognition technology. This solution helps offer better customer services at multiple touchpoints. The chatbots help in scanning documents and verifying the authenticity of the data with the assistance of technology instead of doing it manually.

Adding to it, they smoothly integrate with payment gateways and enable seamless shopping experiences by offering safe and secure multiple modes of transactions within the messaging platform itself.

Summing up

Advancements in AI have offered chatbots various opportunities to innovate and grow in the robust digital ecosystem. Chatbots are thus exhibiting exponential growth and a surge in their demand as they help businesses offer high-end services to their customers.

To cater to this rising demand, WhatsApp automation service providers are putting in their best foot forward to meet the requirements of businesses- improvised AI-driven chatbots that help streamline operations and facilitate a smooth customer journey, communication, as well as service.

Edited by Anju Narayanan

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)


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