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Pristyn Care is bridging India’s healthcare gap with their team of expert surgeons

Pristyn Care is bridging India’s healthcare gap with their team of expert surgeons

Friday December 10, 2021 , 5 min Read

Healthcare is a growing sector in India with new technologies giving it a boost every year. Yet most parts of the country don’t have access to the best surgeries or experienced doctors. As per a study, India’s doctor to population ratio remains at 1:1445 which is significantly lower than 1:1000 recommended by the World Health Organization. Moreover, 90 percent of India’s rural population lacks access to safe, affordable, and timely surgical care due to several factors such as deficits in the infrastructure, equipment, and supplies. Gurugram-based Prisytn Care set out to address these gaps since its inception in 2018.

The founding team of Dr Vaibhav Kapoor, Dr Garima Sawhney, and Harsimarbir Singh noticed the lack of a patient-first approach in India’s unorganised healthcare sector. Over half of India’s population lives in rural areas, but only 22.7 percent of the healthcare workforce serves the area. This prompted the trio to provide a hassle-free surgery experience to patients across the length and breadth of the country. Today, Pristyn Care is a leading full-stack surgery provider with a laser-sharp focus on patient centricity.

With a team of 400+ expert surgeons in 800 surgical centres, the team has been offering the latest surgical technology and superior surgery experiences to most cities in India. Through its asset-light model, Pristyn Care has been able to scale quicker and establish a presence in over 40 cities, which includes seven metro cities and 33 Tier II and III towns. The use of USFDA-approved portable medical equipment and the latest surgical technology has allowed them to expand both horizontally and vertically, reaching more patients in smaller cities and treating over 50 diseases.

Pristyn Care has three critical pillars - a vast team of experienced doctors, patient-centric approach, and hospital partners. Each of these verticals is essential in ensuring a happy, positive, and high-quality surgery experience.

An experienced team of professionals

One of their biggest focuses has been onboarding full-time specialists who come with 10 - 15 years of experience. Additionally, during the onboarding process, each doctor is trained in behavioral skills, enabling them to handle patients better.

When it comes to a patient's health, Pristyn Care makes sure that patients are clear and constantly in the loop. Every doctor-patient consultation lasts a minimum of 20 minutes, during which the doctor thoroughly clarifies the patient's concerns. Consultation questions are a big part of the training methodology developed by co-founders Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor and Dr. Garima Sawhney. Pristyn Care’s doctors are routinely upskilled through this training module, allowing them to stay up with the latest surgical advancements in the field while never compromising the company's core values and protocol.

“The surgical technologies, latest equipment, and high-value consumables used by our 400+ expert doctors to perform minimally invasive surgeries are the most advanced in the country,” said Dr Vaibhav Kapoor. Pristyn Care offers advanced surgeries for over 50 diseases. These include Laser, Laparoscopic, Vascular, Urology, Ophthalmology, Aesthetics surgeries, among many others. “We are able to use the finest Lasers (diode laser of 1470 nm, phaco laser etc.) and other advanced medical equipment such as 3D Meshes, Micro-Debriders, Coblators. We use portable machines and our team of surgeons can perform these surgeries even in the remotest locations,” he added.

Pristyn Care has been disrupting the sector with their unique patient-first approach. To that end, the team doesn’t add the additional pressure of patient-acquisition on their team of doctors. Doctors at Pristyn Care don’t have to market their services to on-board patients, unlike at various other hospitals or their independent clinics, and can focus solely on patients. To further strengthen and build a long lasting relationship with them, Pristyn Care also plans to introduce Doctor SOPs.

The patient-first approach

Today, the team has scaled with the patient at the core of everything they do. Each service, each benefit is designed keeping the patient at the centre. Patients are allocated a personal care buddy who understands their problems and suggests the right doctors. Doctor then proceeds to consult patients thoroughly and educate them on the severity of their disease and medical condition.

To ensure that more patients seek surgical help when they need it, Pristyn Care has made the doctor consultations free of charge. The team noticed that patients often did not get proper consultations, which would leave them confused. To counter this, Pristyn Care’s team of experienced Doctors are trained to empathise with patients and provide customised solutions as per patients’ needs.

To make the process seamless, the team offers end-to-end support services such as diagnostics support, complete health insurance claims processing, hospital admission paperwork from the comfort of home, cab pick-up and drop for surgery, free meals for patients and their attendants, and many more.

Scaling with hospital partners

Through consistent effort and their unique asset-light approach, the team has been able to provide superior surgical experience to patients from metros and Tier II and III cities alike. The team partners with hospitals across the country, and invests in procuring advanced surgical equipment and devices to perform minimally invasive surgeries. In many cases, they have also helped hospitals improve their infrastructure for superior patient care. “We have been able to scale and take the same experience of a big city to a small town. We purchase our own equipment and by utilising the best available hospital infrastructure in the city, we are able to provide the exact same surgery experience from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar,” said Harsimarbir (Harsh) Singh, Co-founder, Pristyn Care.

Today, Pristyn Care is gearing up to expand further into Tier II and III cities, just a few miles away from every patient. Be it Delhi or Vizag, the Promise of Pristyn Care to offer - experienced doctors, expert patient care, and the latest surgical technology remains the same.