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Growing 5x since January with over 1.7 million+ patient interactions, Pristyn Care is riding high on growth

Growing 5x since January with over 1.7 million+ patient interactions, Pristyn Care is riding high on growth

Wednesday December 01, 2021 , 4 min Read

A Tiger Global and Sequoia Capital-backed healthcare startup specialising in Secondary Care Surgeries, Pristyn Care has grown 5 times since January 2021. The company has raised over USD 83 million including USD 53 million in the last round in April 2021, and aims to raise the next round at close to USD 100 million.

Founded in 2018 by Harsimarbir (Harsh) Singh, Dr Vaibhav Kapoor, and Dr Garima Sawhney, Gurugram-based Pristyn Care is a leader in Secondary Care Surgeries. Apart from superior surgical experience, the startup offers end-to-end healthcare services like diagnostics support, hospital admission formalities, pick-up and drop services during surgery, health insurance and claims processing, medicine delivery and free post-surgery consultation. All of this is done through Pristyn Care’s unique 24x7 Personal Care Buddy that is allotted to every patient, with an aim to take care of the entire surgery process, while the patient and their family focuses on healing.

What began as a team of two doctors has now grown to over 500 expert surgeons, who perform surgeries for over 50+ diseases across over 800 surgical centres. Technology has always been at the heart of the company, and the team specialises in Advanced Laser, Laparoscopy, Microdebriders, Lasik, and many more such advanced medical technologies.

Dr Vaibhav, Co-founder, Pristyn Care said, “A team of 150+ engineers work tirelessly to ensure a seamless patient care experience. Apart from Laser and Laparoscopy, among others, we keep introducing newer surgical technologies. The technology, the equipment and the high-level consumables used by the 500+ expert doctors of our team to perform minimally invasive surgeries are the most advanced in the country.”

In tune with their efforts, the team recently achieved the title of ‘Centre Of Excellence’ for Laser Piles, Laser Circumcision, Stapler Hemorrhoidectomy, Stapler Circumcision and Cosmetic Laser Gynaecology, among others.

Recording unprecedented growth

Pristyn Care has recently hit a milestone of 1.7 million patients. Harsimarbir (Harsh) Singh, Co-founder, Pristyn Care credits this success to their patient-first process and innovative services. Speaking about their growth, he said, “Patient confidence in Pristyn Care has been at an all-time high since the start of the year. Our investment in patient-first processes, onboarding 500+ highly experienced surgeons, and expansion to 40 cities and towns, has ensured we are able to serve more patients every year.”

Currently, the startup has a presence across 40 cities and aims to expand further to serve 6-8 percent of all surgery patients in India by FY27. This could play a critical role in bridging the gap between advanced healthcare solutions and India’s tier II and III cities. “Over USD 30 million patient financing has been facilitated since inception and we are looking to touch 10x (USD 300 million) in five years,” adds Harsh.

Dr Garima feels that their seamless end-to-end services have made them a go-to brand for many patients. “Rising awareness about health issues among young people in the country is one of the major reasons for such rapid growth. Patients are choosing to undergo surgical procedures at the earliest in order to lead a social-friendly life. We want to become a single point surgery provider for all patients planning to undergo Secondary Care Surgeries,” she says.

The past few years have put the spotlight on the Secondary Care Surgery Market in India, as the country’s healthcare system underwent a total transformation. The Surgery market is expected to grow further, and Pristyn Care is ready.

Future plans

“By March 22, we will reach 1,000+ surgical centres, expand to 50+ cities and towns, and double our employee count. Tech being our backbone, 25 percent of the hires will be engineers. Exciting perks and benefits apart from ESOPs are offered to hire the best talent. Our ESOP value has increased 100X since inception and in our last round, we offered a buy back option for many employees. Future hires will continue to be rewarded above and beyond their salary. More employee-first policies will be announced soon,” said Harsh.

Today, Pristyn Care has a 70+ NPS (Net Promoter Score) score, a sign of the reliability and trust factor they have leveraged through their services. Dr Vaibhav too has high hopes for the future. “In a short time, we have emerged as a leader in all Secondary Care Surgeries. We will be the largest Secondary Care Surgery player in the next five years with 2,000+ surgical centres and 1,500+ experienced surgeons and doctors with average experience of 15 years. We aim to operate in 100+ cities and towns, and continue to invest in the latest technologies to ensure faster patient recovery,” he added.

As Pristyn Care gears up for further growth, it will be exciting to see the many new milestones it accomplishes along the way.