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Plixxo, MissMalini, Winkl, Vidooly spin off from Good Glamm Group to form Good Creator Co

The Good Glamm Group has invested Rs 200 crore seed capital in the Good Creator Co. The unicorn now aims to build India's largest creator ecosystem. This announcement also unveils the stealth mode acquisitions of Winkl and Vidooly as well.

Plixxo, MissMalini, Winkl, Vidooly spin off from Good Glamm Group to form Good Creator Co

Wednesday January 05, 2022 , 4 min Read

In a bid to create India's largest creator economy, The Good Glamm Group, which entered the coveted unicorn club last year, stated that its platforms — Plixxo, Miss Malini, Winkl, and Vidooly — have spun off to create the Good Creator Co (GCC). With this announcement, The Good Glamm Group has made stealth mode acquisitions of Winkl and Vidooly.

The Good Glamm Group has invested Rs 200 crore in seed capital in The Good Creator Co. The new entity currently has a Rs 75 crore revenue run rate and is targeting a Rs 250 crore revenue run rate by December 2022. The Good Creator Co's vision is to be a market leader in the influencer management and marketing industry and be the platform that helps influencers in India make the most amount of money.

The entity is now co-founded by Malini Agarwal, Nowshad Rizwanullah, and Mike Melli (from MissMalini Entertainment), along with Rahul Singh and Nikhil Kumar (from Winkl) as well as Subrat Kar, Nishant Radia and Ajay Mishra (from Vidooly) with a vision to create a full-stack, global creator ecosystem providing cutting-edge technology and solutions to influencers and brands.

“As the Good Glamm Group, we have always believed that content and creators coming together with commerce is the future for direct-to-consumer brands. With this in mind we partnered with the best creator companies and welcomed MissMalini, Winkl, Vidooly and Plixxo to the Good Glamm family. Today we are proud to announce the formation of the Good Creator Co - India’s largest creator ecosystem empowering millions of creators to scale up and be financially independent as well as offer the easiest solution for brands to work with creators at scale," said Priyanka Gill, Co-founder, The Good Glamm Group, and Founder and CEO of Plixxo and PopXO in a conversation with YourStory.

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She added while looking at different platforms, they came across MissMalini and Winkl where they use technology to scale up how brands can interact with influencers. Vidooly has also been looking at data in an interesting way.

"When we looked at these assets together we realised it makes sense to put them together and spin them off together as a separate entity. And when all the four brands come together they already can create the largest creator economy," added Priyanka.

The Good Creator Co comprises influencer marketing platforms — Plixxo and Winkl — that have 250,000 influencers and reach over 70 million users every month, along with Vidooly and MissMalini.

Rahul says, "Winkl's vision is to help creators become financially independent and become brands in themselves. For us, it is about building for the entire stack. You have the nano, micro, and macro influencers, now with Good Creators Co, it helps us build a full-stack approach to the creator's ecosystem. The idea is to help a creator from the beginning of their creator journey to becoming a celebrity."

Adding to this, Nishant says for the last four years, Vidooly has been focused on insights and analytics. But brands have had to create content, identify influencers, and look at media buying. "Now, with a one-stop solution, there is no dropping off the funnel, we can help them with everything," says Nishant.

It aims to offer content creators and influencers access to brand campaigns, extensive monetisation opportunities, as well as affiliate and creator commerce programmes, celebrity talent management services and more via the app.

Through the Good Creator Co app influencers can showcase their work, network with one another, gain access to cutting edge resources and masterclasses to accelerate their growth along with GCC’s powerful database for all service providers.

"The ideas to help influencers themselves scale up and also make the most money possible," said Priyanka.

The platform offers full-stack influencer marketing and services solutions to India’s leading consumer brands and media agencies that are backed by data, technology, and influencer and content expertise to create meaningful campaigns with measurable ROI.

Speaking on this, Malini said in a conversation with YourStory,

"The year 2022 promises to be a very exciting year for the creator economy. We have seen since 2008 have seen creators evolve and grow over the last decade. And this is here to stay, but it all needs to be organised. To do that you need to give it all the tools it needs, from the technology, platform, and creator know-how. Priyanka and I have been looking at different like a creator academy, creator house, and different IPs on a large scale."

The Good Creator Co will provide brands access to detailed content and creator data analytics, and a brand-to-creator collaboration platform along with innovative content creation solutions for OTT and movie production opportunities and more.

Edited by Kanishk Singh