Decoding Humsafar's 4.5X turnover growth

Co-founded by Mayank Agarwal, Sanya Goel, Nishit Goel, and Dilpreet Sadana in 2016, Humsafar provides doorstep deliveries of non-automotive diesel fuel to hospitality, healthcare and industrial sectors. In 2020, it saw sales jump nearly 4.5X. Here’s what fueled its surge.

Decoding Humsafar's 4.5X turnover growth

Friday April 29, 2022,

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When every industry is now considering doorstep delivery of their services to meet customer needs, why can't fuel be delivered as well? 

The idea struck Mayank Agarwal when he noticed auto-rickshaws transporting diesel in barrels. 

"It struck me that the process was extremely laborious, time-consuming, and especially risk-prone," he tells YourStory.

This led him to team up with Sanya Goel, Nishit Goel, and Dilpreet Sadana to launch Humsafar in 2016, a fuel delivery startup that uses regulated equipment to safely transport the fuel. 

But the startup's impact was felt the most during the pandemic when it saw an immense spike in demand for fuel delivery from hospitals, hotels, and residential societies. 

In the April-June 2020 quarter, Humsafar sold 15.7 lakh litres of diesel, over 4X growth in volume from the corresponding quarter the previous year. Its turnover grew 4.5x from Rs 3.8 crore in 2019 to Rs 18 crore in 2020 and Rs 28 crore in 2021.

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