FalconX announces 5-week-long entrepreneurship programme in India

The programme would train entrepreneurs across the world to scale their startups and find better market fits.

Silicon Valley based tech accelerator FalconX Inc announced its five-week long entrepreneurship programme called Global Immersion Programme in India. At the launch event held in Bengaluru on May 16, 2022, FalconX said the programme would host eminent people from top venture capital funds, corporate executives, and global entrepreneurs.

FalconX has picked 45 entrepreneurs from across the world to be a part of the programme, with a greater focus on Indian entrepreneurs. The accelerator says the entrepreneurs have already ventured into the world of startups but are in need of guidance to scale their companies to fit the US market. 

The Global Immersion Programme aims to help entrepreneurs work with Silicon Valley luminaries and learn the latest business and management techniques to successfully build and scale their companies. For entrepreneurs solving key challenges, this programme trains them to increase community market adoption, and increase the valuation of their solutions to attract private investments, scale both in horizontal growth and vertical offerings, interact with entrepreneurs from around the world, and teach other local entrepreneurs to succeed.

The programme would include masterclasses, workshops and interactions with eminent VCs and entrepreneurs who have made it big in the Silicon Valley. The programme would end with entrepreneurs pitching their ideas in front of VCs from Silicon Valley.

Edited by Kanishk Singh