How Pickrr is reimagining the logistics industry with tech innovation

Tech innovations have changed the game for both the logistical industry and e-commerce marketplace. Pickrr is building state-of-the-art solutions for online brands to smoothen the delivery processes.

How Pickrr is reimagining the logistics industry with tech innovation

Wednesday June 01, 2022,

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Entertainment, hospitality or transportation – technology has completely transformed these industries by changing the paradigm of how they function. And logistics is no exception. With the entry of disruptive startups in the sector, the focus is now on automating the processes for D2C brands to enhance the entire pre- and post-purchase experience of a consumer.

In a bid to achieve the fastest possible deliveries and smooth last-mile operations, the logistical industry has made customisation and user optimisation possible to offer a personalised consumer experience.

India’s logistics sector is set to expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 10 percent, from $200 billion in early 2020 to at least $320 billion in 2025, according to the McKinsey Global Institute.

Enabling convenience for sellers and consumers

With new and emerging technology solution providers in the sector, the challenges associated with reverse logistics, RTO, and warehousing have been resolved and e-commerce brands can focus on their core product offerings without any hassle.

Not only e-commerce brands but also consumers have benefited tremendously from a revamped logistical industry with better transparency in terms of real-time updates of their packages. Processes like exchange or return have become much easier and faster now. Trends like Q-commerce are making it possible for products to reach faster than ever before.

Lastly, better warehousing conditions are enabling e-commerce brands to offer superior customer service with timely delivery, ensure efficient packaging and processing to grade goods as per the legal and consumer requirements, improve risk management by protecting against price fluctuations and also provide safe storage for perishable goods.

In this rapidly growing industry, where numerous companies are trying to enter, leading tech-based logistics company Pickrr has been taking the logistics sector by storm.

Leveraging tech to cater to new-age demands

With its advanced and innovative tech solutions, logistics-tech startup Pickrr has managed to build an active seller base of over 75,000 with a track record of maintaining more than 3 million shipments per month.

Pickrr’s platform boasts a highly optimised dashboard with data analytics available for sellers to enhance their sellers’ experience. It offers one-click channel integration with maximum compatibility, making the platform a go-to place for brands. Value-added services by Pickrr cater to new-age demands by mitigating recurring challenges, some of which include Pickrr Advantage (auto selection of the best courier partner), Pickrr Predict (predicting the risky orders), Pickrr Connect (seven-step communication with customers), branded tracking page (for brands to track their order with the same look and feel as that of their website).

Smart warehousing solutions like ‘Pickrr Plus Fulfillment’ centres are equipped with WMS and have customised pallet optimisation, automation for package sorting, and better overall inventory management. WMS predicts the sales and notifies the customers before the stocks run out of the particular warehouse.

“We plan to constantly evolve with changing consumer expectations and introduce new technology to be able to provide better services to D2C and e-commerce brands. With Pickrr, we intend to help brands take their business to the next level of growth,” said Gaurav Mangla, CEO and Co-founder, Pickrr.

Beginning of Logistics 2.0

Ensuring a smooth last-mile delivery is of utmost importance to all e-commerce brands. Delayed deliveries often result in the shopper changing his mind and refusing to accept the delivery. To deal with such challenges, Pickrr leverages big data with AI/ML and automation to create an elaborate framework of end-to-end logistics support for brands to enable smooth and effortless management. Furthermore, the extensive pan-India network of Pickrr fulfillment centres allows sellers to faster deliveries and saves transportation costs by a huge margin.

Popular D2C brands that avail Pickrr services include Emami, Plum, Wow Skin Science, The Souled Store, The Moms Co, Bellavita, Fixderma etc.

Standing to its commitment to enhance the overall experience of brands and its sellers, the company has recently launched Fastrr Checkout’, a tech feature aimed at simplifying the checkout experience for modern shoppers of today. It is the fastest one-click checkout service, which reduces RTO (return to origin), improves customer conversion etc. The newly launched Fastrr is a simple and secure checkout that offers a hassle-free shopping experience. Additional features include address intelligence, estimated delivery date (EDD), and multiple secure payment modes.

Looking at the fast growth of brands like Pickrr in the Industry, experts are calling it, “the beginning of Logistics 2.0.” It is the era where standing out from the competition requires companies to think beyond logistics. The new-age startups are therefore implementing tech solutions and extending them to all verticals to be able to fulfil consumers’ expectations.