Startups that are capturing the video analytic space

YourStory has curated a list of startups solving security challenges across sectors. These new-age businesses offer solutions like video consulting, analysis, and industrial automation.

Startups that are capturing the video analytic space

Sunday May 29, 2022,

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Video analytics or video content analysis is the capability to automatically analyse video to detect and determine temporal and spatial events. Since its inception, it is used to specifically analyse footage from security cameras and assist those providing security to critical infrastructures. 

While it is still a rapidly evolving technology, according to MarketsAndMarkets, the global video analytics market is expected to be worth $14.9 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 20.4 percent.

Many new-age startups have set forth to develop high-end cameras that use cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning for better pattern recognition and surveillance. While companies have barely scraped the surface of video analytics’ true potential and deployment, the increasing demand for cybersecurity will see to it that advanced video content analytics will be adopted at a much faster rate

YourStory has curated a list of video analytics startups that are using deep tech to make surveillance easier and more accurate. These new-age businesses offer solutions like video consulting, analysis, and industrial automation across sectors such as hospitality, retail, manufacturing, pharma and food.

Collective Intel

Founded by Amit Dhand and Aaron Rhodes in 2019, New York-based startup Collective Intel is a video-based technology that solves business challenges across industries.

The startup enables companies to extract key, actionable insights from their video assets, leading to higher profits and more efficient operations.

Collective Intel uses AI to crunch petabytes of video data for retailers to scale up their processes.

The startup decodes quantitative and qualitative information from videos in a privacy-focused secure environment.

It believes that there is a need for the corporate world, the hospitality industry, and government bodies to use software to analyse terabytes and petabytes of data to observe and address human behaviour.

The startup extracts data from videos and provides actionable intelligence that solves challenging business questions.

Veda Labs

Founded by Veer Mishra, Vivek Singh, Saurabh Shandilya, and Saurabh Yadav in 2017, Gurugram-based Veda Labs uses existing CCTV infrastructure to perform video analysis that presents business insights like customer journey, heat maps, and demographic overview.

The startup gives end-users the ability to tag and identify blacklisted people on the premises.

It also provides post-analysis footfall depending on the body type of each walk-in customer and their facial parameters. It differentiates each visitor based on gender and age group.

Veda Labs anonymously tracks each person and plots a customer journey map and heat maps of the floor. The startup uses computer vision and machine learning to perform all alerts on the dashboard.


Founded by Abhijit Shanbhag in 2011, Singapore-based Graymatics is an AI-enabled platform that helps transform installed CCTV video feeds into customer-centric solutions.

It offers solutions across verticals such as smart commercial buildings and factories, smart city projects and transportation, and smart bank and retail businesses.

The startup claims that the solutions have been designed to be integrated with any existing or deployed CCTV device without the need for any additional infrastructure.

Graymatics offers several video analytics tools such as G3C Urban Vision for smart infrastructure and public service; G3C Vistamart for retail operations; G3C Siteinsights for security; and G3C Labvisits for smart laboratories and production units, among others.

The startup also launched for facial recognition, contact detection, adherence, temperature to mask, and social distancing protocols.


Founded in 2015 by Soumik Ukil, Mithun Uliyar, Ravi Shenoy, Pushkar Putwardhan, Gururaj Putraya, and Krishna A G, Bengaluru-based Lightmetrics is a real-time video analytics platform that uses AI to deploy smart video solutions quicker.

The startup helps transportation fleets, ride-sharing players, and auto insurance companies better understand driver behaviour to improve safety and increase efficiency.

The RideView platform by LightMetrics helps partners provide advanced video telematics to fleet customers.

The startup consists of a client-side SDK for real-time driver coaching (available for iOS, Android, and Linux), and scalable, robust, and secure REST APIs to surface actionable insights on the cloud.

Its solution helps measure key performance indicators for drivers in terms of compliance and safety, thereby enabling the identification of repeat offenders so that they can be coached properly, as well as accident mitigation through real-time ADAS warnings.

LightMetrics enables deep integration of video with conventional telematics.


Founded by Adit Chhabra, Tanay Dixit, and Tapan Dixit in 2018, Delhi-based Wobot Intelligence is an AI-powered computer vision SaaS that helps hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and food businesses monitor operations.

Its machine learning-based app empowers inspecting and auditing officials with a digitised way to seamless operations.

The startup offers various modules that investigate food safety, customer experience, pilferage, and hygiene. Its plug and play tool is connected to an existing CCTV or any other camera to help detect and track anomalies in SOPs (standard operating procedures).

It helps businesses make sense of this data by implementing a layer of artificial intelligence that makes the system capable of doing surveillance on behalf of the human eye.

Wobot provides actionable insights and a cost-effective and autonomous way of monitoring SOPs across restaurants, hotels, and kitchens, and is even useful in retail sectors and manufacturing.

Its AI system is configured to detect anomalies in cleanliness, personnel hygiene, as well as raw material quality.


Founded by Surender Gounder in 2018, Chennai-based Tango Eye is an AI computer vision startup that converts surveillance video into actionable insights for the retail industry.

The startup offers products such as footfall analytics; product placement; Retail Eye; sentiments & feedback analytics; attendance; efficiency; Secure Eye; Manager Eye; and active alert on suspicious behaviour.

TangoEye focuses on deep learning technology to convert footage into meaningful insights.

The startup claims that its solutions are delivered to brand operators and owners who can now view their score performance across all stores in a unified manner.

It aims to improve operational efficiency and reduce the cost of surveillance monitoring.


Gurugram-based Sparrosense, founded in 2019 by IIT Delhi alumni Abhinav Gupta, Ravikant Bhargava, and Ankit Agarwal, is an AI-powered video analytics platform for shop-floor monitoring.

The startup offers insights to solve delays, optimise shop-floor processes, and drive productivity.

It claims that its advanced AI video analytics algorithms increase productivity by more than 10 percent.

In July 2021, ecommerce analytics platform DataWeave acquihired Gurugram-based Sparrosense to expand its customer base and strengthen its existing product offerings.

Edited by Anju Narayanan