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[Funding roundup] Threado, Wify, SportVot, others raise capital

Here are the startups that announced early-stage rounds of funding on July 27, 2022.

[Funding roundup] Threado, Wify, SportVot, others raise capital

Wednesday July 27, 2022 , 6 min Read

Threado raises $3.1 million in seed round led by Vertex Ventures

Threado, a community management platform, has raised $3.1 million in a seed round of funding led by Vertex Ventures, with participation from Gemba Capital, Speciale Invest, PointOne Capital, and angel investors.

The angel investors who participated in this round include Deepinder Goyal (Zomato), Pankaj Chaddah (Zomato), Chargebee co-founders Krish Subramanian and Rajaraman Santhanam, Abhishek Goyal (Tracxn), Aneesh Reddy (Capillary), Tonmoy Shingal (Mettl), Archana Priyadarshini (PointOne Capital), and Sri Rajan (ex-MD, Bain India).

Founded by Pramod Rao and Abhishek Nalin, Threado claims it has built an actionable dashboard that goes beyond measuring engagement analytics and enabling integration of various platforms like Slack, Discord, Discourse, Twitter, or GitHub.

According to the startup, its platform knows who is engaged and how to build on interactions at scale. It also automates all operational tasks and manages all the activity feeds.

“Everything we do is focused on empowering community builders. Our ambition is to define and shape this category over the coming years. We are on a mission to help every business grow through the power of community and want to power community-led growth for 10 million businesses by 2030,” said Pramod.

Wify raises $2 million in Pre-Series A round from Blume and Unitus

WIFY, a tech-led home improvement services startup, has raised $2 million in a Pre-Series A round of funding led by Blume Founders Fund and Unitus Ventures. This round also saw participation from Singularity Ventures and existing investor, HePo NL.

Wify plans to use this funding to strengthen its technology stack and invest in the skilling of blue-collar workers associated with the company. Besides, it is also aiming to expand its customer base and product categories.

Founded in 2019 by Vikram Sharma and Deepanshu Goel, Wify provides on-site installation and post-purchase services for over 100 companies including brands such as IKEA, Livspace, Homelane, Amazon, and Hettich. It helps brands to streamline and manage their orders while also providing jobs as well as upskilling opportunities for blue-collar workers engaged in the installation and services of these products.

Wify has its presence in over 60 cities across the country and claims to generate monthly revenue of Rs 2 crore.

Vikram Sharma, CEO and Co-gounder, Wify said “In the coming two years, our goal is to become the most trusted partner for on-site services by adding 100k+ technicians to our network who have been skilled, trained, and certified by us to perform high-quality professional services.”
Wify founders

Wify founders: Vikram Sharma (left) and Deepanshu Goel

SportVot raises seed round led by Ankur Capital

SportVot, a sportstech startup, has raised an undisclosed seed round of funding led by Ankur Capital. The other investors in this round include Capital A, SucSEED Indovation Fund, and Marwah Sports.

SportVot is a hyperlocal sports platform that aims at creating an online channel to stream sports events and help discover sports talent from the grassroots of India while creating a community of sports enthusiasts.

Sidhhant Agarwal, Co-founder, SportVot, said, “The latest fundraise will help us scale our product and technology. We look to expand into new geographies across the country and bring access to live video capture to as many sports games as possible.”

SportVot aims to broadcast sports tournaments from even the remote corners of the country which will showcase the talent in these areas to the professionals involved in this sector. According to this startup, it has streamed over 18,000 sports matches, amassed 75 million views, and featured over 90,000 upcoming athletes so far.

Interality raises undisclosed seed round

Interality, a tech startup that helps in building virtual platforms, has raised an undisclosed seed round of funding from angel investors and venture capitalists.

The angel investors include Maninder Gulati (Oyo), Jaynti Kanani (Polygon), Alvin Tse (Xiaomi India), and Sam Shergill (Adept Ventures), among others.

Founded by Farheen Ahmad, Interality will use this funding to strengthen its product, design, and hiring. The startup will open its beta access to creators, communities and brands to build and launch their own Metaverse ecosystems.

Interality enables creators, communities and brands to launch their own virtual worlds where they can create and monetise in-world content, products and experiences in the metaverse. The startup offers a host of tools and technologies that facilitates the in-world economy through the monetization of experiences, AR/VR content, and digital assets among others.

Farheen said, “AR/VR is foundational and transformative for building the next generation of content, commerce and culture in the Metaverse and we’re building the go-to platform where these would reside at. The funds will help us to develop cutting edge products to power the next phase of our growth and achieve the product-market fit.”

Shilpa Shetty invests in two wellness brands

Wellness brands Fast&Up and Chicnutrix have received an undisclosed amount of investment from actor and fitness personality Shilpa Shetty Kundra. She is also their brand ambassador.

Fast&Up and Chicnutrix is part of Fullife Healthcare, having a presence in India and overseas. Fast&Up was founded in 2015 and Chicnutrix in 2019.

The two brands have earlier received investments from cricketer Mayank Aggarwal and actor Varun Dhawan.

On the investment, Shilpa said, “Our lifestyle today is fast-paced and is difficult to keep up with all the required nutrients or vitamins that are essential on a daily basis for the body, hair, skin, energy and general well-being. Their products totally suit today’s demands.”

Fast&Up is a sports nutrition brand while Chicnutrix is a leading beauty and nutrition brand for women.

Varun Khanna, Group CEO, Fullife Healthcare, said, "With this investment, we aim to amplify brand awareness across urban and rural markets to create many more captivating stories fueled by pure, clinically proven, clean and convenient nutrition.”

shilpa shetty

Shilpa Shetty

Strive raises $500k in pre-seed round

Strive, a Web3 startup in the NFT space, has raised $500,000 in pre-seed funding round from 100X.VC, LetVenture, GrowX Ventures, and angel investors.

The angel investors in this round include Anupam Mittal (People One), Amey Mashelkar (Jiogennext Fund), Saurabh Agarwal (Zebpay), and YPO.

Founded by Kartik Mehrotra and Swathi Perumala, Strive aims to launch its marketplace and exchange for fractionalizing blue-chip NFTs for retail investors.

Kartik said, “Our goal is to provide access to high-quality NFTs such as BAYC that have traditionally been out of reach for most people in the space. We believe fractionalizing these NFTs can make them more accessible and democratise this space."

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Edited by Kanishk Singh