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Meet Cohort 3 of the HPE Digital Catalyst Program

The third HPE Digital Catalyst Program cohort has some of India’s brightest startups, working on problems ranging from making a computational engine for ML, AI engine for unstructured data to being a powerful self-service Data Science and Advanced Analytics Studio.

Meet Cohort 3 of the HPE Digital Catalyst Program

Wednesday July 06, 2022 , 4 min Read

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has returned with their annual HPE Digital Catalyst Program for its third edition to highlight the innovations from India’s vibrant startup ecosystem. The aim of the program has been to identify, co-innovate, and go to market with the next generation of digital disruptors.

Over the past two years, HPE has worked with 14 startups over two cohorts, combining their expertise with the energy and innovation of new-age startups. This time, they received over 150 applications, the jury saw and judged the pitches of the top 20 startups, and chose their final seven startups. These startups will get access to HPE’s business and technology mentors, investor networks, and closely work with the teams for go-to-market strategies and rapid prototyping.

Speaking about the program, Cynthia S Srinivas, VP - Software Engineering, Compute Business Group; India site R&D leader at Hewlett Packard Enterprise said,

As we welcome the 3rd Cohort of startups to the HPE Digital Catalyst Program, we are very excited about the possibilities of co-innovation with this diverse group working at the cutting edge of technology in areas like AI, Data Science and the Intelligent Edge. As the program matures we are seeing stronger engagement from our business units and sales teams which I am sure will lead to more partnerships, joint solutions and GTM success stories

Here’s a glimpse of the current cohort:


With the goal to provide innovative, high-value digital technology solutions for operations excellence, Syook has been offering a no-code IoT platform Syook InSite. InSite is an RTLS (Real Time Location System) platform that is hardware and cloud-agnostic, modular, and completely configurable (no code).


SandLogic is a full-stack enterprise AI company that enables low-code, no-code (LCNC) platforms to enable Deep Learning applications to run on Edge devices. EdgeMatrix is powered by their proprietary porting and optimisation engine CORE and Deep Learning accelerator (DLA). CORE helps in porting DNNs (Deep Neural Networks) onto any Edge Hardware like GPU-powered devices like Jetson devices or Coral Sticks. The DLA converts non GPU based devices, systems and SoCs to AI capable ones, to execute neural networks for inference.


InfinStor is the AI Engine for unstructured data, letting users manage unstructured data and parallelise the compute of unstructured data. The software supports the full life-cycle of AI projects, from experiment tracking, model management, data management to compute management. It enables AI workloads to be distributed across cloud resources and on premise Kubernetes such as HPE Greenlake.


A powerful self-service Data Science and Advanced Analytics Studio, Sparkflows seamlessly connects data from a wide variety of data stores, cleaning, enriching and preparing it. It builds best-in-class machine learning models using the machine learning library of your choice. It lets you seamlessly build Analytical Apps. It scales to Petabytes of data and pushes down analytics to the cluster of your choice.

Signzy Technologies

Signzy is a leading digital banking infrastructure provider, whose GO platform delivers seamless, end-to-end multi-product user journeys. It's no code AI-infused platform high on configurability offers quick deployment. With 200+ clients, Signzy gives customers access to an aggregated marketplace of 240+ APIs that can be easily added to any workflow with simple widgets.

N5 Technologies

N5 Technologies makes it extremely easy to develop and run fintech and financial trading applications on bare metal and cloud. N5 Rumi™ platform provides a complete and robust high-performance, nanosecond latency and completely fault-tolerant infrastructural substrate for these applications, and N5 RumiCloud™ provides a fine-tuned bare metal and exchange co-located edge-cloud platform to run these financial applications in the cloud.


RocketML is a Scientific Machine Learning platform to speed up 'time to solution' across many scientific applications with the use of AI methods. It offers enterprises all the necessary functionality to solve their Engineering problems with machine learning. The product enables customers to scale machine learning models with no limits, cut development cycle times, cost of people & hardware.