How Sacumen is creating a dent in the cybersecurity space

Building a product that will revolutionise the way cybersecurity companies operate, Sacumen envisions being a global leader in the space.

As a first-generation entrepreneur, I may not have a fancy story to tell. I used to work as a developer, became a security architect, and moved towards running business units. However, the urge to always look for better and efficient ways to do things led me to my entrepreneurial journey, reveals Nitesh Sinha, Founder and CEO, Sacumen.

Founded in 2015, Sacumen aims to become a niche player in the cybersecurity market and solve critical problems for security product companies. The company has managed to record a 100 percent YOY growth which further accelerated during the pandemic.

With more than a decade’s experience in the IT industry, Nitesh sensed a huge gap in the cybersecurity market. Sacumen came into being with the sole purpose of catering to the needs of cybersecurity companies covering all five important entities such as user, device, network, application and data storage.

Real-time threat detection

With increasing cybersecurity threats, Sacumen specialises in building connectors with the ability to have a real-time detection of the security threat or attack and being able to respond with minimal manual integration. This has the potential to create a massive wave of transformation in the cybersecurity ecosystem.

Further explaining the role of connectors, Nitesh states, An antivirus has limitations in terms of dealing with malware on a particular device. And by the time an IT professional detects and works on solutions, it is already too late and data is compromised. However, with connectors, we can detect malware in real-time and initiate an activity to back up data and deal with malware at the same time.

In a short span of our business journey, we are already being recognised as industry leaders in building connectors as well as product engineering. And that for us is a huge achievement, says Praneeth Kudithipudi, Vice President, Sacumen.

Sacumen has been closely working with security product companies to help them build huge volumes of high-quality connectors at a very fast pace.

Like every organisation, Sacumen considers delighting the customer as the most important part of building a successful business. Subhashish Lahri, Director of Product Engineering advises his team to always think from the customer’s perspective. Product team at Sacumen is driven by the idea of aligning all decisions based on the impact on the lives of the end consumer. When we think of the impact, we are always able to deliver a successful product, adds Subhashish.

A culture exemplifying innovation

Nitesh, Praneeth, and Subhashish believe that the success of Sacumen is driven by its strong ethos. Whether it is the customer-first principle or building a conducive work environment for its employees, the current growth trajectory encourages the team to keep delivering enterprise-scale reliable connectors for customers.

Nitesh firmly believes that Sacumen is defined by its work culture and has identified five pillars to describe the same.

Ownership: Empowering employees by allowing them to take ownership of the projects they are working on.We do not believe in micro-management, but are always available to support the team wherever needed, says Nitesh.

Innovation: Encouraging innovation, challenging the status quo, and finding solutions.

Teamwork: Building a team that is working towards a common goal.

Customer delight: Striving towards delighting customers using an outcome-based approach. “Making sure my customer achieves what he desires through our solutions,” adds Nitesh.

Being Fairness: Being fair and committed to all the stakeholders including employees, customers, and partners.

To ensure a healthy work-life balance, Sacumen empowers its employees with unique policies such as a long weekend policy. There is one long weekend every month irrespective of regular holidays. Most companies have 10-11 holidays in a year, while at Sacumen, employees can avail up to 17 holidays in a year.

Different companies have different policies for employee recognition. At Sacumen, you get your vacation sponsored if you perform well in a certain quarter. It is not just unique but a great way to encourage employees to perform to the best of their abilities. If you take good care of your employees, they are bound to do miracles, says Praneeth.

The most satisfying thing as a CEO of Sacumen is when you see the impact delivered and the customer happy with the outcome. Moreover, when we create an environment where our teams can innovate and become a better version of themselves, we know we are on the right track, concludes Nitesh.

As Sacumen completes seven years in this space, the company recently inaugurated its newest office in Bangalore.


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