Fly High Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Fly High Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

How Fly High is simplifying the study abroad admission process with its End to End Process for aspirants

The Hyderabad-based company aims to help students in India fulfil their dreams of higher education by offering end-to-end processes ranging from overseas career counselling to admission to visa documentation services until settling abroad for aspirants.

How Fly High is simplifying the study abroad admission process with its End to End Process for aspirants

Thursday October 13, 2022,

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Envisioning a dream, and making it a reality might sound easy, but is a hard task to perform. So, while we discuss the thought of dreams, goals, and passion, living the Abroad dream and making it a possibility is a priority for a host of individuals.

Thus, to make this dream a reality, we have Hyderabad-based Fly High Consultants. Founded in 2010 by Yespal Veeragoni, this is a global consulting firm, specialising in overseas education and job training. Fly High Consultants works as a platform in bridging the prestigious universities with the students, thereby making their overseas life affordable and opening the avenues for a fruitful future.

The story unfolds

The initial beginning of Fly High Consultants traces back to the story of Yespal Veeragoni, fondly known as Yash, who had also aspired to live the great American dream. Like any other Indian middle-class background guy, he thought hard work, and perseverance would form the lucky triumvirate of extending his journey.

However, not aware of the unforeseeable circumstances awaiting him, Yash took a voyage to California, to pursue his Master’s on a student visa. However, things didn’t go as he had planned, and he, along with hundreds of fellow students, was asked to leave the country by DHS (Department of Homeland Security) following the sudden shutdown of the university.

Irrespective of this turmoil, Yash didn’t lose hope, and banking on his unwavering optimism decided to give it another shot and started exploring avenues to continue his studies. He went on enquiring with other universities and attorneys on international student policies and finally regaining his student status, embarked on the voyage of successful completion of his Master’s, thereby, helping his fellow students with the knowledge he gained. Thus, evolved the idea of starting Fly High Consultants, a consultancy dedicated to benefitting the student community and making overseas Education Affordable.

Taking the entrepreneurial plunge

A polymath in every sense of the term, Yash, is accredited as Overseas Education and Immigration Expert for his expertise, experience and certifications in counselling International Students. For his acquired degree of MS in Health Informatics and is also an MBA in Healthcare. Yash prefers calling himself a serial entrepreneur who founded a restaurant, consulting company in the USA.

A person acquiring almost 14 years of experience in a foreign land, Fly High Consultants is a part of his contribution of giving back to society, guiding several thousands of students from different socio-economic backgrounds in India.

Apart from Fly High Consultants, Yash also fulfilled his dream to be a Clinical Scientist at WIRB Copernicus Group. “While I am living the dream, I realise that I am happier and gratified talking to students, sharing my knowledge, and guiding their careers. That's when I visited India and discovered the formula End to End Process for Abroad Aspirants that solves many unaddressed questions,” he recalls.

Discussing the thought that instigated the entrepreneurial plunge, Yash identified a huge gap between Indian education and employment and thought that his guidance might make a difference to resolve the issue. Today, after having counselled more than 25,000+ abroad aspirants and counting, Yash feels that his problem-solving skills, along with a good team helped him to expand and create more of his ideas.

Of course, the pathway to success is not a cakewalk, and Yash experienced the same, especially with issues like managing time overseas and merging client calls during IST while pursuing his profession abroad. But, he enjoyed his work while talking to clients and suggesting ways. “I counsel every applicant and take them through the process, monitoring each major decision in the flow. That's more than my passion and I found the perfect team to achieve it,” he reveals.

So far, Fly High Consultants has already catered to thousands of students and maintained a successful visa success rate over the last decade. “Within a few months of our expansion, we have approximately hundreds of students going through the process and expecting it to multiply in no time. We are proud of the quality of service and information that we provide to our customers, and visa success rate, and grateful for the students who believed in us,” says Yash.

Making overseas education accessible & affordable

Putting the thought in a line, Fly High gives wings to the dreams of students intending to soar heights in their careers, while bridging the gap between unattainable dreams and possibilities.

Referring to the pain points being solved by Fly High Consultants, Yash confirms the idea of completing Masters’ in less than Rs 14 lakh and Under Graduation abroad for under 40 lakhs. People have made this process more complex in the market by proclaiming that Masters’ abroad is possible only if they can afford Rs 40+ lakh, and Rs 80+ lakh for an undergraduate abroad, and made it available only for the privileged.

Here, Yash swears by the experts at Fly High Consultants who are there to guide students through every stage of their application to confirm their positions at the best universities.

Yash also stated that making the decision to study abroad will cater to individuals with opportunities while making them realise their potential. Also, country and course selection vary with the profile of students. “As a Certified Counsellor, I guide students to choose the right path irrespective of their financial background. With my real-time experience, research and knowledge, I developed this needful formula of End-to-End Process for the first time in India. End to End Process includes, Counselling - Test Preparation - Course and University Selection- Application, Scholarships- Admission Process -Funding, Loan Assistance- Visa Process- Travel- Job Training-Job Placements- CPT|OPT Assistance - Green Card,” explains Yash.

“There are huge chances for study-based migration than skill-based migration. Due to a lack of proper information and awareness, people are misled into falling into the trap of commission-oriented consultancies. We at Fly High Consultants make sure the candidate is aware of the process and strict dos and don'ts while they plan their studies abroad. In this entire juncture, Fly High Consultants serves as a knowledgeable guide and expert in providing the required and legitimate information and transparency,” he adds.

If you thought that this was all, well then Yash also has a humanitarian side attached to his work sphere. A staunch supporter of gender equality in education, Yash also acts as a strong pillar for underprivileged children. In association with AASA Foundation, Fly High Consultants initiated the adoption of 100 girl children and sponsor their education as part of Project Shakthi. “I understood how and what changes an educated woman can bring in life. Educating a girl child empowers her ability to make the right decisions for her life, and also for the community at large,” he adds.

The vision of Fly High Consultants

The consultancy firm initiated without any funding or mentorship, today, boasts of 6 branches in 2 Telugu States and a branch in Boston, USA while expanding its services to many locations with the advent of proper technology. To date, Fly High has counselled more than 25000 people, and processed 8,400+ visas, while interacting with 500+ universities abroad.

Speaking of growth over the next five years, Yash reveals that Fly High Consultants aims to guide as many applicants as possible, ensuring employment opportunities for at least 10,000 candidates, and extending the Fly High Consultants family to at least 1,000 people all over the globe, and of course, educate 200 girl children as part of Project Shakthi. Finally, Fly High Consultants also believes in satisfying customers' needs with true passion, the right guidance, and genuinity.