Using AI to up content marketing game

At TechSparks 2022, Ajay Yadav, founder of Simplified talks about using AI to create the best content for marketing.

Using AI to up content marketing game

Thursday November 17, 2022,

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Today, brands are banking on artificial intelligence (AI) to create the best marketing content. 

“India is not just creating technology but also powering the content for selling that technology,” says Simplified Co-founder Ajay Yadav. Speaking at TechSparks 2022, Ajay highlighted the various use cases of artificial intelligence in creating content and how it can be up the game of marketing.

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AI as a marketing tool

Ajay feels excited about the opportunities for AI adoption in the country, especially as a tool for developing marketing content. 

“Today founders understand that if you build something, you also need to tell people that you are building something. That’s why content creators are so special these days because they have the superpower of telling a story. We realised that irrespective of what you do, you need marketing. And that’s when we looked at using AI and technology like Canva, Invideo to easily create marketing content,” he says.

Ajay recalls that the motivation to build Simplified came from the question of how to club different technologies together and make a one-stop shop for creating marketing content, be it video or written, and publishing and tracking the analytics.

Empowering content creators

A question that keeps popping up whenever there is a discussion about AI is if it will ever take over human beings. Ajay feels that with the advent of AI, people have become more empowered. Today, anyone can design anything using AI technology, without having to pay humongous fees for design schools.

“More than designing something good, the question was do you know Adobe? Then came the beast: Canva. It made designing simpler with different drag-and-drop features. Whenever technology evolves, it helps people use their time and resources to make things better. How can I use the exact same skill to do something more efficiently rather than learning how to use a tool,” he explains. 

Ajay added that during TechSparks 2022, a content creator friend of his mentioned that he has a hard time finding the right keywords and hashtags to market his content. 

“We think of this more as a work-flow problem than a technology problem. I think when teams are placed together then wonders can happen. I think that’s why placing different apps in one app will give the best technology and the best tools so that they are not waiting to learn a tool or skill to make the best content and market it,” Ajay concludes.

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Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti