Smart rings, glasses next on Pebble’s watch

Lifestyle accessory brand Pebble, which clocked 150% growth this year, gears up to introduce smart glasses and rings in the Indian market at affordable prices.

Thursday December 15, 2022,

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The smart wearables space in India is certainly one worth watching. 

Although a highly competitive space, Komal Agarwal, Co-founder of Pebble—a lifestyle accessory brand—is here to rock the boat in a zen manner. 

In 2022, Pebble saw 150% growth, and the company expects to see this momentum continue into 2023.

Nine years ago, Komal started Pebble with a range of chargers and power banks. The portfolio since then has grown to over 100 SKUs in various categories, including headphones, speakers, and most recently, smart wearables. 

While speaking to YourStory, Komal acknowledges the especially cluttered smart wearables space and shares her strategy to thrive. 

“The usual trend is when a new product comes into the market and becomes commoditised. So the biggest thing we can do is differentiate the product in terms of the tech or design. In such a cluttered industry, consistency is also key,” Komal adds.

Pebble is also looking to take the lead in getting products such as smart glasses and rings in the Indian market at affordable prices. Besides, the company is focussing on home audio in a big way. 

Komal shares, “As more and more people are now preferring house parties and staying indoors, we’re coming up with a huge range of products like party speakers and tower speakers. Besides, we are also working on smart home automation at affordable prices.”

Pebble saw almost 6X its expected demand over Diwali and Dussehra, and Komal credits the festive season success largely to the startup’s recent partnership with Mensa Brands. 

As for the path ahead, it looks like smart wearables will help many individuals achieve their New Year’s resolutions for health and fitness.

When it comes to Pebble’s resolutions, Komal says, “Affordable pricing has been the biggest bottleneck. So in the affordable premium segment, we are hoping to introduce a whole plethora of exciting products. That’s one resolution. In terms of numbers, this year, we’ve seen 150% growth, and we intend to maintain that percentage of growth in the coming year as well.”

Edited by Suman Singh

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