The Future of Finnovation 2023 is here

To capture the dynamically changing landscape of financial services today, Google Cloud India, in association with YourStory, brings together leading fintechs and business leaders to discuss how technology is enabling growth for digital businesses.

The Future of Finnovation 2023 is here

Monday April 17, 2023,

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Technology is playing a crucial role in how India’s fintech offerings are shaping up for the future. The rapid growth of the internet and smartphones has enabled a large population to gain access to digital financial services.

Digital payments, mobile banking, and online lending are disrupting traditional financial models, making financial services more inclusive and accessible. New payment technologies, such as biometrics and contactless payments, are transforming the way people access and use financial services today.

Advancements in cloud computing, AI / ML, and big data analytics are revolutionising the industry by enhancing security, improving customer experience, and driving operational efficiency.

Today, various technologies allow financial institutions to store and process large amounts of data, scale operations, and offer more flexible and accessible services. They also help automate processes, detect fraud, and offer more personalised services.

To capture the dynamically changing landscape of financial services today, Google Cloud India, in association with YourStory, bring the Future of Finnovation 2023 - a future-forward initiative bringing leading fintechs from across the country on a common platform, to discuss innovations and propose industry-first thought leadership ideas.

Future of Finnovation 2023 is part of the Digital Pioneers Club (DPC), a YourStory Media and Google Cloud India collaboration that launched an exclusive, invite-only forum for technocrats, industry experts, CXOs, CIOs, founders and decision makers in 2021 with the aim of ‘Solving for tomorrow’.

This year, Future of Finnovation will be held on April 27, 2023. Technology leaders, startups, founders, and decision-makers will come together to discuss topics related to the banking and fintech industry. From keynote addresses to fireside chats and panel discussions, it will offer insights that aim to create value for fintech digital businesses.

Talking points will include enhanced customer acquisition and experiences, driving financial inclusion, using AI across the value chain, application development, scaling and management strategies for adopting new technologies for digital finance businesses, and the next growth opportunity in fintech/BFSI, finance cybersecurity for secure online finance, among others.

Some of the key speakers at the event are Kiran Kesavarapu, Head of Customer Engineering (Industry Solutions & Architecture) at Google Cloud; Seema Ramachandra, Specialist Customer Engineering Leader, Data, Analytics, AI and Application Modernisation at Google Cloud; Deepak Dimri, Customer Engineering Manager, Networking and Security, Google Cloud; Rohit Verma, Principal Architect, Financial Services at Google Cloud; Neeraj Singh, Co-founder and CTO, Groww; Rajat Deshpande, Co-founder and CEO, FinBox; Araveinth Gopinath, Chief Information Security Officer, Yubi; Vidya Sridharan, Cofounder and Tech Evangelist, Riskcovry; Prasenjit Datta, CTO, Vivriti Capital; Mohit Gupta, Co-founder and CTO, IndiaP2P; Kapil Kapoor, Chief Technology Officer, CredAble; Yashoraj Tyagi, CTO and CBO, CASHe; Ashwin Sekar, Chief Product and Technology Officer, InCred; Krithika Muthukrishnan, Chief Data Science Officer, Scripbox; among others.

Fintech stakeholders, founders, and technology decision-makers, this is your chance to participate in Future of Finnovation 2023. Understand how the latest innovations and emergence of new technologies, platforms, and ecosystems will power your business growth trajectories.

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