Shaking Up India's AlcoBev Scene: The Rise of Cartel & Bros

Cartel & Bros, backed by actor Sanjay Dutt and other investors, is making waves in the Indian AlcoBev industry with their imported global liquor brands.

Shaking Up India's AlcoBev Scene: The Rise of Cartel & Bros

Tuesday June 20, 2023,

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Sanjay Dutt, one of Bollywood's most iconic actors, is taking on a new role, not in a film, but in the world of business. The actor has recently invested in Cartel & Bros, an emerging player in the AlcoBev startup ecosystem, keen on introducing a global portfolio of liquor brands to the Indian market​.

Global Flavours, Local Palates

Cartel & Bros, established by a team of five partners, is setting its sights on making a variety of international liquor brands available to Indian consumers. The company's inaugural offering is Glenwalk, a blended Scotch whisky imported directly from Scotland. The startup's roadmap includes the subsequent introduction of vodka, tequila, and single malt brands, all aimed at India's younger demographic, known for their evolving tastes and willingness to experiment with international flavours​.

Scotland to India: A Strategic Connection

As part of its strategic plan, Cartel & Bros has leased a factory in Scotland. This move not only ensures the authenticity of their Scotch whisky but also enables the company to price its products competitively. With affordability being a key factor in India's alcohol market, the company seeks to widen its consumer base by making these global brands accessible to a larger demographic of consumers in India​.

Navigating India's AlcoBev Terrain

Despite its potential, the Indian AlcoBev market is notoriously complex, with layers of regulations, state-level taxation, and price controls. Yet, the team behind Cartel & Bros is undeterred. Mokksh Sani, one of the five partners of the venture and promoter of liquor retail chain Living Liquidz, acknowledges that while regulations are part and parcel of every business, India's young and open-minded demographic is ready to embrace a broader spectrum of alcoholic beverages​.

Capitalizing on a Flourishing Market

Backing Cartel & Bros' optimism are data indicating that India's alcohol market is burgeoning. The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) reported that India has surpassed France to become the UK's largest Scotch whisky market in terms of volume. Moreover, imports of Scotch whisky to India surged by a significant 60% in 2022 compared to the previous year​.

This venture marks a critical step towards diversifying India's AlcoBev market by introducing global brands and flavours. As Cartel & Bros continues to grow, industry watchers and consumers alike will be keen to see how the company navigates the complex landscape of India's alcohol industry and influences the consumption patterns of the Indian consumer.