YouTube's 1080p Premium Rollout: A New Viewing Experience

Understanding the value of YouTube's 1080p Premium: An inside look at how higher bitrate could change the future of online video streaming.

YouTube's 1080p Premium Rollout: A New Viewing Experience

Wednesday June 21, 2023,

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YouTube, the leading platform for community-generated long-form video content, has begun rolling out its 1080p Premium option more extensively. This feature enhances the standard 1080p video quality by offering a higher bitrate, promising YouTube Premium subscribers a more vibrant and detailed viewing experience​.

The Concept of 1080p Premium

A new feature exclusively for YouTube Premium subscribers, 1080p Premium is an elevated version of the standard 1080p video. It's different from the 4K resolution available for free on the platform, delivering a more refined video quality through a higher bitrate​.

Understanding Resolution and Bitrate

Video resolution pertains to the pixel count a video contains. However, a higher number of pixels doesn't necessarily denote superior video quality. The other crucial aspect is bitrate—the amount of data transmitted over time. A higher bitrate means more information, which greatly impacts video quality. If a 1080p video's bitrate is low, even its two million pixels won't deliver a high-quality viewing experience​.

Benefits of 1080p Premium

The 1080p Premium option, with its higher bitrate, offers an improved viewing experience. The standard 1080p clips will look noticeably better to YouTube Premium subscribers than to regular viewers. However, the exact bitrate at which the 1080p Premium operates has not been disclosed by YouTube​.

YouTube's recommended upload bitrate for 1080p videos varies depending on frame rates. But the viewing bitrate can be different as YouTube might downsample it to save data or use variable bitrate, depending on the video content​.

With 1080p Premium, video quality improves, especially in scenes with a lot of movement. Subscribers can access higher-quality videos from channels that only upload in 1080p. However, this feature won't apply to videos uploaded at different resolutions​.

The Future of 1080p Premium

It's still uncertain how the 1080p Premium compares to 4K video as the bitrates of the two can't be directly compared. Initially available only to iPhone and Apple TV users, the feature is being tested on Android platforms and is expected to be available on the web app soon. More data and comparisons are needed to determine if it could be a driving feature to encourage more YouTube Premium subscriptions​.

The 1080p Premium option doesn't degrade the existing 1080p quality for free-tier users. For infrequent YouTube users, the YouTube Premium subscription might not be worth it. But for regular viewers desiring an ad-free experience and the new 1080p Premium feature, this could significantly enhance their viewing experience​.

As YouTube continues its rollout of this feature, it signals the platform's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in the digital video space. Both content creators and viewers can expect more exciting developments in the future.

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