First-Ever AI Interview of a Kerala Minister Marks a New Era in Reporting

Channeliam's AI news anchor, Pragathy, conducted a historical interview with Minister P.A. Muhammad Riyas, opening a new chapter in the tech-media convergence.

First-Ever AI Interview of a Kerala Minister Marks a New Era in Reporting

Thursday July 27, 2023,

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In an unprecedented event that marks a new era in the realm of AI-based journalism, Kerala's Minister of Public Works and Tourism, P.A. Muhammad Riyas, was interviewed by an AI news presenter for the first time.

The occasion, hosted by, was indeed a significant leap in the use of AI in news production., renowned for launching India's first AI news anchor, Pragathy, took one step further by orchestrating this groundbreaking interview. A plethora of subjects were addressed during the conversation, including emerging technologies and Kerala's readiness for advancements in robotics.

The Indian digital news media start-up, founded by Nisha Krishnan, played a pivotal role in making this interview possible. The start-up, launched in 2016 and incubated by the Kerala Startup Mission, has been a crucial player in this landmark event.

In the AI-conducted interview, the avatar of Nisha Krishnan, programmed with generative AI capabilities, skillfully delivered insightful queries to the minister. This accomplishment sets a new benchmark in the blend of AI with news reporting.

Nisha Krishnan, the CEO and founder of, expressed her enthusiasm about this progressive approach towards journalism. She appreciated the minister's readiness to engage with technological innovations, thus exploring new vistas in the public discourse.

This momentous event goes down in history as a symbol of the convergence of technology and journalism. It underscores how AI can significantly transform news reporting by presenting new possibilities and adding more depth to the discourse. Not only does it show Kerala's preparedness for such tech-forward initiatives, but it also signals the dawn of a new chapter in the global media landscape. This unique blend of AI and journalism marks the beginning of an exciting era that promises to redefine traditional news media.