AWS SaaS Central 2023 empowers Indian startups to build in India and aim to scale globally

At SaaS Central 2023, AWS and Prime Venture Partners’ experts came together with founders to provide upcoming entrepreneurs with guidance, networking opportunities, and sector-specific know-how.

AWS SaaS Central 2023 empowers Indian startups to build in India and aim to scale globally

Tuesday July 25, 2023,

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SaaS Central 2023, an intensive three-day programme to support Indian SaaS startups, recently concluded with resounding success. The programme has been running for the past three years and provided participating startups with expert guidance from a combined team of AWS and Prime Venture Partners’ experts and established SaaS founders.

The growth of SaaS unicorns in India can be attributed to several factors. A robust technology ecosystem, a talented pool of software developers and engineers, and increasing demand for cost-effective, cloud-based software solutions. Government initiatives that offer funding support, tax incentives, and improved access to capital are also fuelling the growth of SaaS.

Indian SaaS startups like Fluid AI, Crux, Humalect, Kloudmate, and Drishya AI, amongst others, have been recognised worldwide for their innovative solutions. This recognition has resulted in more investments and partnerships with international companies, allowing them to expand their market presence and grow faster.

Three days of interacting with the best minds in SaaS

Amit Somani, Managing Partner at Prime Venture Partners, was delighted with the success of the SaaS Central programme and the partnership with several Indian SaaS startups. Over the years, the programme has curated a small cohort of startups, providing them with valuable insights and knowledge shared by seasoned entrepreneurs and experts from Prime.

The intensive three-day programme covered various critical topics like customer discovery, global go-to-market (GTM) strategies, product development, pricing strategies, and organisation building. The collaboration with AWS, leveraging their global GTM access and deep technology expertise, made the programme particularly beneficial for early-stage SaaS companies.

Startup founders got numerous opportunities, including connecting with industry experts, potential customers, partners, and investors. The event facilitated valuable relationships that could contribute to the growth of their businesses. Attendees also had the chance to learn about the latest trends, best practices, and success stories in the SaaS industry.

Prominent speakers like April Dunford, Founder of Ambient Strategy; Jen Abel, Co-founder of JELLYFISH; Vijay Rayapti, Co-founder and CEO of Atomicwork; Kellan Carter, Founding Partner, FUSE; Shripati Acharya, Managing Partner, Prime VP; Amitabh Nagpal, Head of Startup Ecosystem, AWS; Sanjay Swamy, Managing Partner and Co-founder, Priven Advisors LLP, Advisory to Prime Venture Partners; Manoj Agarwal , Co-Founder,DevRev and other industry leaders shaping the SaaS landscape shared their knowledge.

AWS SaaS Central 2023 empowers Indian startups to build in India and aim to scale globally

The event featured focused sessions by SaaS founders and operators, addressing company-specific use cases and providing valuable insights on building a global SaaS business in India. Participants also had the opportunity to engage in discussions with Prime's investment team to understand what venture capitalists look for when investing in SaaS startups. AWS Tech and GTM experts shared their experiences in scaling SaaS companies.

“The session on building global SaaS teams & GTM by Vijay Rayapati, Co-founder, and CEO, Atomicwork was my personal favourite! I was in awe of his experience and insights. I found the session extremely valuable and I look forward to more such sessions,” said Yash Dandavate, Founder and CEO, Fasthr.AI

Key learning for cohorts from SaaS Central 2023

01.Consider pricing design as an integral component of your product, ensuring that it aligns with your overall product strategy and influences its development accordingly

02.Freemium and Free Trials are not a pricing strategy but rather a customer/lead generation strategy

03.Customer success is all about empathy

04.Stay ahead of the fastest-growing customer in product readiness

05.When it comes to culture, founders need to put their words into action

AWS SaaS Central 2023 empowers Indian startups to build in India and aim to scale globally

SaaS Central 2023 emerged as a highly beneficial initiative for early-stage SaaS startups in India, unravelling the path to global expansion. The programme effectively provided participants with essential resources, including expert mentorship, industry expertise, and avenues for networking.

By equipping them with the necessary knowledge and connections, SaaS Central 2023 empowered startups to accelerate growth and thrive in the fiercely competitive SaaS industry.

“A massive thank you to Prime Venture Partners, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the rockstar SaaS founders who took time out to give back to the ecosystem. Their humility and generosity in sharing their learnings was the highlight of this event”, said Arvind Venugopal Nair, Co-founder, NeuroPixel.AI.