Join NASA's Mission to Jupiter: Etch Your Name into the Stars!

Become a part of history as NASA's Europa Clipper Mission takes your name on a 1.8-billion-mile journey alongside a moon-inspired poem by U.S. Poet Laureate Ada Limón.

Join NASA's Mission to Jupiter: Etch Your Name into the Stars!

Friday July 07, 2023,

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How would you like to send your name on a thrilling voyage to Jupiter’s moon? Here's your chance! NASA is making space exploration personal and poetic with its latest initiative, "Message in a Bottle". This cosmic campaign invites us all to add our names to a spacecraft destined for Europa, Jupiter's icy moon.

The initiative is a beautiful blend of poetry and science. Renowned U.S. poet Laureate Ada Limón wrote a moon-inspired poem, "In Praise of Mystery". Our names will be etched alongside her stirring words on a microchip, which will be mounted on the spacecraft, Europa Clipper.

Journey to the Icy Moon

Europa Clipper is not just a poetic adventure—it's a crucial scientific expedition. Europa, Jupiter's moon, has long sparked interest with its icy surface and potential underwater ocean. Could it hold life? The Clipper aims to find out. It will soar around Europa almost 50 times, capturing data and peering closely at the moon's intriguing features.

After launching from Florida's Kennedy Space Center on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket in October 2024, the Clipper will use gravity assist from Mars and Earth to catapult itself towards Europa. On arrival, it will carry our names and Limón’s poetry across the cosmos—a whopping 1.8 billion miles!

Join the Galactic Adventure

NASA's creative approach makes us feel part of their explorations. Past missions carried our names to space, but this is the first time a poem is accompanying them. Over 305,000 people have already joined this journey. Will you be next? You have until the end of 2023 to ensure your name is on that microchip.

The Poetry of Space

Ada Limón’s “In Praise of Mystery” is more than just a poem—it's a testament to our fascination with the cosmos. Her words reflect the awe, curiosity, and spirit we feel when we look up at the stars. And now, they're going beyond our planet.

Your Name Among the Stars

Joining the "Message in a Bottle" campaign is not just about sending your name into space. It's about being part of a universal quest for knowledge. We may never set foot on Europa, but having our names orbiting a distant moon connects us to the cosmos in a powerful and intimate way.

Don't miss this opportunity. Add your name to the microchip and become part of a historic mission. NASA's venture isn't just about exploring the cosmos—it's about us. It's about our collective curiosity, our shared thirst for knowledge, and our enduring spirit of exploration.

So, are you ready to etch your name on this cosmic journey? It's a unique chance to reach for the stars and be part of a grand exploration. Don't just watch the stars—join them! Make sure your name, alongside Limón's beautiful words, soars across the cosmos to Jupiter's icy moon. Let's reach for the stars together!

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