Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s take on managing work-life balance

Juggling to manage a healthy work-life balance is a hectic task. Here's what entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian thinks about this concept.

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s take on managing work-life balance

Tuesday August 08, 2023,

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Having a good work-life balance is a goal many people strive to achieve. Whether you are a startup founder, working professional, athlete or student, everyone desires a consistent and productive lifestyle.

There are dozens of reels on Instagram and videos on YouTube tutoring how can one efficiently manage their career without compromising their personal life. However, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian thinks accomplishing a work-life balance is impossible.

50/50 work-life ratio

Like many leading founders, Ohanian too has a busy life. Currently, he is focusing on building a venture capital firm Seven Seven Six, which he launched in 2020 and plans to raise $776 million for two news funds, according to The Information. Also, he expects to welcome his second child with tennis icon Serena Willaims.

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One may assume that Alexis must have the "perfect" formula to manage both his work and personal life. However, he does not believe managing both is possible for anyone.

While speaking to Entrepreneur in an interview, Ohanian explained that in reality, the 50/50 work-life ratio never works. "You'll never achieve anywhere close to that—nor should you," he said.

According to him, there are times when one has to focus on their career and other times you need to focus on your personal life. "It's on a spectrum that's ever-flowing back and forth," he further added.

Sneak peek into Alexis's daily routine

Work-life balance

Ohanian starts off his day with a unique ritual. He begins by stepping into a cold ice-water bath for around 10 minutes, takes a shower, and sips his morning coffee. Apart from that, he also takes some time to write down his personal or career goals every day.

At dinner when he is home, Ohanian makes sure he is at the dinner table with his family at 6 pm with no exceptions. Using the power of the "Surprise and Delight" marketing technique in his business and home works efficiently says Ohanian.

"It's much more memorable when you break a pattern of someone's expectations," he explained.

For those who are new to this marketing strategy, here is a quick definition.

Surprise and Delight is a technique to attract users by providing them with unexpected rewards or discounts. The main aim of this marketing approach is to promote customer loyalty, user engagement, and ultimately, increase profits.

Is work-life balance truly achievable? Well, at least Alex Ohanian does not agree. In fact, the co-founder of Ola Cabs and Ola Electric Bhavish Aggarwal also has a similar belief.

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