Galaxy Ring: Samsung's Bold Move into the Wearable Tech Market

Samsung is making a smart ring called 'Galaxy Ring.' It will have high-tech health sensors and might work with virtual reality technology. This could change the wearable tech market and how we use our devices.

Galaxy Ring: Samsung's Bold Move into the Wearable Tech Market

Friday July 21, 2023,

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Samsung, the international electronics leader, is reportedly venturing into a new tech arena with a smart wearable device named 'Galaxy Ring,' marking its debut in the rapidly growing smart ring industry. According to The Elec, a Korea-based news outlet, Samsung is leveraging circuit boards from Japanese tech firm Meiko for this innovative project.

At present, smartwatches rule the roost in the wearable technology sphere, while smart rings, primarily produced by health-oriented companies and technological startups, are on the rise. The miniaturization associated with smart rings brings about its unique challenges, as it involves scaling down sensors compared to those used in smartwatches.

Moreover, locating sensors on an individual's finger does not provide the same level of blood flow information as a wrist-based sensor, leading to potential inaccuracies. Overcoming these hurdles around precision, cost, and size has been a longstanding problem in the smart ring industry, making Samsung's foray into this field quite significant.

As outlined by The Elec, the Galaxy Ring might feature sensors designed to capture the wearer's health information and relay it to their smartphone, akin to the Oura Ring. However, the rollout timeline for the product is still uncertain, with suggestions that Samsung might evaluate a prototype before green-lighting mass production of the "Galaxy Ring."

Moreover, it appears that Samsung is delving into the realm of extended reality (XR) technology, with industry chatter pointing towards a smart ring patent that might have applications in XR devices. This indicates a potential symbiosis of Samsung gadgets, with the Galaxy Ring possibly enabling users to control their smart TV and other devices.

However, these endeavors are still in their infancy, and how Samsung will tackle the challenges associated with smart ring manufacturing remains to be seen. Considering the company's track record for pioneering tech, there's a general expectation that the Galaxy Ring could catalyze a considerable shift in the wearable tech industry.