Surat Diamond Bourse: The World's Largest Office Building Outshines the Pentagon

In an architectural marvel, Surat Diamond Bourse, India's latest diamond trade hub, has outshined the Pentagon, becoming the world's largest office building.

Surat Diamond Bourse: The World's Largest Office Building Outshines the Pentagon

Wednesday July 19, 2023,

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India witnessed a landmark event showcasing its entrepreneurial might as Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the world's largest office building, the Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB), in Surat, Gujarat. This colossal 15-story edifice surpasses even the Pentagon in sheer size, underlining the significant growth of Surat's diamond industry.

The SDB stands as an architectural marvel over 35 acres. This grand structure, assembled over four years, hosts nine interconnected buildings linked by a central spine. Covering an expansive 7.1 million square feet of floor space, the SDB, worth ₹3,200 crore ($388 million), illustrates a dynamic merger of aesthetics and function.

As a non-profit organization under the Companies Act, 2013, the SDB plays a pivotal role in promoting the Diamond Bourse in Surat. Not only does it enhance Surat's standing as the world's gem capital where 90% of the globe's diamonds are cut, but the SDB also serves as a thriving hub for the diamond trade.

Designed to house over 65,000 diamond professionals, the SDB aims to boost India's economy by creating jobs and fostering innovation and collaboration. The project's CEO, Mahesh Gadhavi, touts it as an alternative to commuting to Mumbai, thus saving time and inviting businesses to consider relocating to Surat.

The SDB's unique design, conceptualized by Morphogenesis, resembles an airport terminal where all offices, large or small, are equally accessible from a long central corridor. This design, termed as "democratic" by the architects, allows for equal working experiences for all. Moreover, a lottery system to allocate offices underlines the democratic ethos of the building.

The design of SDB also includes nine courtyards to facilitate casual, bazaar-like interactions amongst traders, mimicking the informal nature of the diamond trade in India.

In conclusion, the Surat Diamond Bourse stands as an emblem of India's entrepreneurial vitality and economic strength. This architectural masterpiece is a testament to the perfect blend of design, function, and business, positioning Surat, and by extension, India, in the spotlight on the world stage.