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Microsoft Nears Call of Duty Ownership, But PlayStation Grabs Modern Warfare 3 Beta First

Despite Microsoft's looming acquisition of Activision, it's Sony's PlayStation that secures an exclusive early-access deal for Modern Warfare 3's beta

Microsoft Nears Call of Duty Ownership, But PlayStation Grabs Modern Warfare 3 Beta First

Monday August 14, 2023 , 3 min Read

Microsoft is gearing up to become the new owner of the popular Call of Duty franchise, yet PlayStation users are in for a treat with early access to the Modern Warfare 3 beta, making headlines this week.

Game Announcement and Launch Date

Earlier this week, Activision put an end to the swirling speculations by confirming the release of the next iteration in the Call of Duty series, titled Modern Warfare 3. Scheduled for a grand launch on November 10, fans are eagerly marking their calendars. However, one might wonder: with Microsoft on the brink of acquiring Activision, how does PlayStation fit into the picture?

PlayStation's Special Access

The key lies in the existing agreement between Sony and Activision. Even though Microsoft's acquisition of Activision is on the horizon, Sony has cleverly secured a deal to ensure the Call of Duty series remains on its platform for an extended period. This strategic move is further accentuated by the recent discovery that Modern Warfare 3's first beta will make its debut on PlayStation before any other platform. This revelation was unearthed from an advertisement on the Sony Arabic YouTube channel, as reported by Call of Duty news authority, CharlieIntel and corroborated by Eurogamer.

The advertisement emphasises the exclusivity PlayStation enjoys, stating, "Play the demo first on PlayStation." Moreover, it's highlighted that the game will be "Available on PlayStation at least five days before any other platform." However, there's a catch. Only those who pre-order the game will be eligible to participate in this privileged beta access.

Awaiting Official Announcements

While this exclusive window for PlayStation users is exhilarating, details about the exact date for the beta remain under wraps. Fans, both from the PlayStation and other communities, are eagerly awaiting an official announcement.

Furthermore, while the game's official launch is set for November, the complete reveal is still pending. Buzz in the gaming community suggests that this grand reveal will take place within the much-anticipated Warzone 2.0. But as with the beta, an official date for this remains elusive. Yet, with November approaching swiftly, it's only a matter of time before Activision unveils what's in store.

The unfolding events surrounding Modern Warfare 3, from its announcement to its exclusivity deals, highlight the intricate dynamics and relationships within the gaming industry. With PlayStation securing an early beta release, it underscores the evolving landscape and competition, even as major acquisitions like Microsoft's takeover of Activision are on the horizon. One thing's for sure: gamers, regardless of their platform preference, have exciting times ahead.

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