Rameshwaram Cafe: Divya Rao's 50 Cr Culinary Gem in Bangalore

From analysing financial charts at IIM Ahmedabad to crafting a culinary chartbuster in Bangalore: Divya Rao is set to redefine the South Indian dining experience, one authentic dish at a time.

Rameshwaram Cafe: Divya Rao's 50 Cr Culinary Gem in Bangalore

Tuesday September 19, 2023,

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Once a finance student deeply engrossed in her studies at IIM Ahmedabad, Divya Rao found herself fascinated by the world of food business through case studies on global food giants like McDonald's and Starbucks. A professor's remark about the scarcity of Indian-run food chains ignited a spark in her to bring traditional South Indian cuisine to a global audience.

Fast forward to a fateful encounter with Raghav, a food industry veteran with over 15 years of experience, who initially approached her for financial advice. When his previous restaurant venture met an untimely end, he saw in Divya not just a financial expert, but a potential business partner ready to explore the bustling food industry.

Despite enjoying a successful career as a Chartered Accountant, Divya decided to take the plunge into the world of culinary entrepreneurship, joining forces with Raghav. This choice was met with concern from her family, who had seen her climb from a lower-middle-class background to financial stability through her relentless efforts and determination.

Undeterred, Divya and Raghav combined their savings to create Rameshwaram Cafe, a name chosen to pay tribute to the great APJ Abdul Kalam and embody the authentic resonance of South Indian culture. In the vibrant culinary scene of Bangalore, the duo vowed to differentiate their venture with a commitment to freshness and quality, utilising fresh ingredients and eliminating the need for refrigeration.

This new venture represents a daring yet promising leap into a new field for Divya, blending her financial acumen with a newfound passion for food. Together with Raghav, they are set to redefine the South Indian dining experience, promising a delightful culinary journey that champions both tradition and modernity.

As they forge ahead, Rameshwaram Cafe not only stands as a testament to their resilience and innovation but also opens a new chapter in the global appreciation of South Indian cuisine, helmed by a partnership that embodies a shared dream and a unified vision for success.