Jammu Businessman Secures Lunar Plot Following Chandrayaan-3's Triumph

Masson's lunar acquisition, mirroring global trends, taps into the allure of the moon, not just as a celestial wonder but as a tangible symbol of ambition, aspiration, and preparation.

Jammu Businessman Secures Lunar Plot Following Chandrayaan-3's Triumph

Friday September 01, 2023,

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Drawing inspiration from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s words during the successful launch of 'Chandrayan-3', "Chanda Mama Bas Ek Tour Ke", a well-known educationist and businessman from Jammu, Rupesh Masson, has taken an extraordinary step by purchasing land on the moon.

Rupesh Masson, serving as the Regional Director for UCMAS in J&K and Leh, now owns a segment of the Luna Earth's Moon, specifically Tract 55-Parcel 10772. This distinct parcel, christened Lacus Felicitatis or “Lake of Happiness,” lies at 18.72° North Latitude and 5.02″ East Longitude.

Confirming his purchase, Masson mentioned, “The land was certified and registered via the Lunar Registry in New York City on August 25, 2023.”

In an eloquent reflection, he said, “Ideas of occupying space on the moon mirror our innate quest to explore what exists beyond our world. This, in turn, resonates with our inner journey to find deeper meanings within our souls.”

The Jammu businessman opined that owning a plot on the moon could symbolise two perspectives. For some, it's a beacon of hope for a future where such plots might possess actual significance. For others, it's a symbolic escape—a solace amidst the challenges of climate change, illness, and the looming specter of scarcity on Earth. “Through such acquisitions, we form a tangible bond with a possible future, ensuring that we're somewhat prepared for unforeseen eventualities,” he explained.

Rupesh Masson is not alone in this lunar endeavor. He highlighted that approximately 675 high-profile personalities, which include three ex-Presidents of the United States, now possess lunar real estate. This very fact nudged him towards registering his own plot. Among the American elite, former presidents George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan have claimed their stake on the moon's surface.

Moreover, the allure of lunar land isn't confined to American shores. The late Bollywood actor, Sushant Singh Rajput, had acquired a piece in the ‘Sea of Muscovy’ in 2018. Rajeev V Bagdi had made a similar purchase in 2003. The superstar Shah Rukh Khan too reportedly owns lunar land, which was gifted to him.

With such purchases gaining traction, it's evident that the moon's charm isn't just limited to its nighttime glow. For many, it symbolises hope, wonder, and a connection to a universe much grander than our own.