Ranveer Singh Ignites the Indian Gaming Arena as BGMI's Official Brand Ambassador

Ranveer Singh partners with BGMI, igniting a gaming revolution in India with the 'Play Pure' campaign, heralding a new era in gaming

Ranveer Singh Ignites the Indian Gaming Arena as BGMI's Official Brand Ambassador

Tuesday September 05, 2023,

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In a significant development that promises to redefine gaming culture in India, Bollywood's charismatic icon, Ranveer Singh, has united with Krafton India to further bolster the burgeoning reputation of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). This exciting collaboration is set to marry the electric energy of the silver screen superstar with the dynamic universe of BGMI, ushering in a golden era of gaming entertainment in India.

Krafton India, the formidable force behind BGMI, envisages this alliance as a medium to amalgamate the vivacity of Ranveer Singh with the electrifying spirit of gaming. This partnership is not merely a collaboration but an expedition to foster a vibrant gaming community by tapping into the star's magnetic persona and the immersive experience that BGMI offers.

A central feature of this collaboration is the launch of the 'Play Pure' campaign. This initiative seeks to encapsulate the genuine essence of players, fostering a space where individuals can be brave and authentic in the battlegrounds. Through the eyes of Ranveer Singh, the campaign endeavors to honour the purity and authentic spirit of the gaming community, promising a series of captivating experiences for game enthusiasts across the nation.

Sean Hyunil Sohn, the Chief Executive Officer at Krafton India, couldn't contain his excitement about this synergistic partnership. "The unyielding spirit and magnetic persona of Ranveer Singh echo the core essence of BGMI," he noted. He further emphasised the company's commitment to crafting enthralling and absorbing experiences for its users. This collaboration heralds a fresh epoch in gaming entertainment, opening avenues to concoct content that will reverberate with gaming aficionados throughout India.

Ranveer Singh, equally thrilled, views this association as an expansion of his artistic expression. "The fervor, camaraderie, and the collective spirit within the gaming realm deeply resonate with me," he shared. Singh is eager to foster a platform that unites individuals from varied backgrounds, transcending boundaries through their mutual passion for gaming, thereby solidifying BGMI's stance as a cultural icon in India.

Post the prohibition of PUBG Mobile, BGMI swiftly claimed its prominence in the Indian gaming sphere. The government's green signal to reintroduce BGMI, albeit with specific modifications, has propelled it to a staple in the Indian gaming landscape, attracting millions of ardent gamers nationwide.

As we stand on the cusp of a gaming revolution in India, the anticipation builds for the transformative experiences this collaboration will unfurl. Stay tuned as we navigate through an exciting journey of creativity, passion, and groundbreaking engagements in the ever-evolving world of gaming.

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