Asia’s largest retention marketing conference EngageMint’23 is back for its 8th edition in Bengaluru

EngageMint 2023, scheduled for October 6 at Hilton Manyata, Bengaluru, will bring together industry stalwarts to uncover growth strategies that build enduring businesses.

Asia’s largest retention marketing conference EngageMint’23 is back for its 8th edition in Bengaluru

Wednesday September 27, 2023,

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Customer engagement and retention continue to be a growing area of focus for startups as they start to pivot to profitability. WebEngage is leveling up the game once again as it partners with YourStory to bring the eighth edition of its flagship initiative EngageMint23, Asia’s largest customer engagement and retention conference.

Over the years, EngageMint has established itself as a platform where industry leaders, visionaries, and pioneers converge to share insights, inspire change, and chart the course for the future. Visionaries and industry leaders such as Ronnie Screwvala, Sanjeev Bhikchandani, Rajan Anandan, Aadit Palicha among many others have extensively spoken about the why, what and how of customer engagement and retention, engaging thousands of audience members across six regions and two continents.

The big questions? Would you rather spend on acquiring new customers? Or, do your existing customers coming back to you for their purchases sound more like a plan to you? Acquiring new customers can cost 5X more than retaining an existing one. In fact, returning customers tend to spend 67% more than new customers. EngageMint will delve deep into various aspects of customer retention and how it powers growth for B2C startups with the central theme as ‘Beyond the Hype: Retention for Enduring Businesses’.

Why EngageMint?

WebEngage understands that keeping customers engaged is the secret sauce to building a lasting and thriving business in today's dynamic market. EngageMint is not just an event; it's a movement designed to:

  • Turbocharge networking: Connect with industry leaders, visionaries, and innovators who are shaping the future of business.
  • Spill the beans on success secrets: Discover strategies, insights, and success stories that are driving growth and retention in today's competitive landscape.
  • Share playbooks: Gain access to actionable playbooks and best practices that can help your startup or venture bloom.

What can you look forward to?

EngageMint ’23 is scheduled to be held on October 6 at Hilton Manyata, Bengaluru, and will host interesting conversations on topics such as:

  • Retaining millions: Mastering growth and loyalty in a user-cluttered ecosystem

  • Marketplace chess: Strategies for success by proxy in ecommerce

  • Retaining habits, retaining users: Strategies for building habitual engagement

  • Stack squad goals: Forging the dream team to harness your stack’s power

Other than these, there will be many more interesting conversations and masterclasses to learn and grow with WebEngage.

Some of the speakers joining the event are:

  • Harish Narayanan, Ex-Chief Growth Officer, Upstox
  • Shashank Kumar, Founder and Managing Director, Razorpay
  • Deep Ganatra, Group CTO, The Good Glamm Group
  • Rishubh Satiya, CEO and Co-Founder, Plix
  • Zishaan Hayath, Founder, Toppr

Click here for detailed information on sessions, speakers, and the event agenda.

EngageMint 2023 offers a great opportunity for you to learn from real-world case studies and gain access to actionable playbooks. Moreover, you can connect with like-minded individuals to expand your professional network.