Startup news and updates: Daily roundup (Sept 19, 2023)

YourStory presents the daily news roundup from the Indian startup ecosystem and beyond. Here's the roundup for Tuesday, Sept 19, 2023.

Startup news and updates: Daily roundup (Sept 19, 2023)

Tuesday September 19, 2023,

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Deloitte India, AWS forge strategic partnership to drive GenAI Innovation

Deloitte India, officially known as Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP, has unveiled an exciting strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) aimed at advancing the realm of generative Artificial Intelligence (generative AI) within the Indian corporate landscape.

This dynamic collaboration with AWS will empower businesses operating in various sectors, including financial services, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and automotive industries, to effectively address their technological challenges.

Working in tandem with AWS, Deloitte India is poised to fulfill its enduring vision of expanding its generative AI expertise, thereby facilitating businesses in the pursuit of innovation and sustainable growth. This joint initiative represents a significant step towards enabling enterprises to harness the full potential of generative AI for their benefit.

Noise and Il Jin Electronics form a JV to manufacture smart wearables

Noise, a prominent connected lifestyle brand in India, has unveiled a collaborative partnership with Il Jin Electronics, a subsidiary of Amber Enterprises India Limited, to bolster the production of smart wearables within the country.

This joint venture is driven by Noise's dedication to the "Make In India" initiative and aims to strengthen local value addition by establishing in-house infrastructure for product assembly, hardware design, and component manufacturing, all while upholding a paramount focus on quality.

Commenting on the venture, Amit Khatri, Co-founder of Noise said, “Our partnership with Il Jin Electronics is a strategic milestone in our mission to strengthen India's manufacturing capabilities.Looking ahead, this partnership will leverage our expertise to enhance domestic manufacturing, fuel category expansion, and stimulate ecosystem-wide growth."

Noise manufactures over 95% of products in India and is one of the first brands to localise component manufacturing. This strategic step aims at further nurturing the growth of the entire smart wearable ecosystem, expediting India’s growth to become the most lucrative hub for global manufacturers.

Shadowfax unveils cutting-edge centre in Surat

Shadowfax, a trailblazing leader in logistics and delivery solutions, has announced the opening of its expansive fulfillment center, a cutting-edge Distribution Center (DC), situated in Surat, Gujarat, just in time for the festive season.

As one of Gujarat's largest ecommerce hubs, this facility is poised to invigorate local economic growth and community progress, while equipping Gujarat's apparel vendors with the tools to effortlessly serve customers throughout India.

Spanning an impressive 1.5 lakh square feet, this facility stands as the most significant initiative undertaken by any third-party logistics provider (3PL) in Gujarat. With a daily processing capacity of 10 lakh orders, it has been meticulously designed to meet the dynamic demands of e-commerce, particularly during peak seasons, setting a new benchmark within the industry.

Cashli launches in India 

Mitgo, a prominent global IT and martech enterprise, has introduced Cashli, a dedicated mobile application designed to empower users to generate income by endorsing brands while simultaneously offering a platform to engage new customers for their products.

Recognising the challenges faced by brands in luring customers from diverse regions of India through traditional paid marketing channels, Mitgo identified the necessity for a platform that bridges the gap between brands and partners, facilitating the dissemination of relevant offers to their target audience.

Backed by an investment of $250,000, the company is poised for an ambitious expansion within the Indian market.

According to Artem Bukharyn, CEO, Cashli, “We aim to establish a transparent system where

both partners and brands can access the necessary information. Partners will have visibility into

the current statuses of the leads they have provided, while brands will receive only genuine

traffic. This system will enable thousands of individuals to find new job opportunities to get an

additional source of income.”

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