Volkswagen's Driveable Office Chair: Drive to Your Desk at 20 km/h

Meeting to meeting at 20 km/h: Experience Volkswagen's unique fusion of office comfort and cutting-edge vehicle technology.

Volkswagen's Driveable Office Chair: Drive to Your Desk at 20 km/h

Saturday September 02, 2023,

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If you thought electric vehicles were the only cutting-edge gadgets Volkswagen had up its sleeve, you might want to hold onto your seat - literally. The automotive giant has unveiled an eye-catching prototype that is turning heads: a drivable office chair! Here’s a deep dive into this quirky invention:

A Chair on Wheels - But Not What You Think!

You’ve probably glided around your office on a wheeled chair, but Volkswagen’s latest invention takes it up several notches. This five-wheeled chair can zip around at speeds of up to 20 km/h, harnessing the same technology found in their EVs.

Immerse Yourself in the Volkswagen Experience

The unnamed model chair, birthed by Volkswagen Norway's Commercial Vehicles department, aims to bring the car experience into the office. Ever dreamed of honking at your colleague or jamming to music on your way to a meeting? With the chair's built-in horn, hi-fi music system, and turn signals, it's all possible.

High-Tech and High-Speed

This isn’t your average office chair. Not only does it closely resemble a gamer's throne, but it also flaunts features such as LED strip lights for signaling changes in direction and a touchscreen display showing a rear-view camera feed. Plus, it has 360-degree sensors to ensure you don’t bump into anything or anyone.

All About the Aesthetics

The chair showcases the iconic silver Volkswagen logo on its headrest and wheels, seamlessly complementing the metallic paint. Additionally, the chair boasts four-inch-thick aluminium rims, LED lights along its arms, and a trailer hitch for towing those extra reports.

Functionality Meets Fun

This unique office accessory comes with a 0.005-cubic-metre trunk - perfect for storing your laptop or those urgent paperwork piles. And for those late-night working sessions, the chair's headlights can light up your path, while its "work party" function promises to keep the office atmosphere lively.

Final Thoughts

As intriguing as the idea of a drivable office chair sounds, Volkswagen isn’t planning on mass-producing these fun gadgets. However, if you're in Norway, you can get a taste of this experience at select dealerships and events.

In a world where brands are constantly vying for attention with out-of-the-box ideas, Volkswagen has certainly pushed the boundaries of innovation. While the chair remains an exhibition model, it underscores the company’s dedication to creativity and offers a delightful glimpse into the fun side of corporate life.