Crafting Visual Narratives: The MyBlackPlate Story

From Humble Beginnings to Flavorful Futures: The Inspiring Tale of MyBlackPlate

Crafting Visual Narratives: The MyBlackPlate Story

Friday October 27, 2023,

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In the bustling streets of Delhi, 2021 witnessed the emergence of MyBlackPlate, a unique entrant in the booming Indian commercial photography market. With a special focus on 'dark mood food photography,' this small team, led by three dynamic individuals, embarked on a journey to reshape the contours of food and product photography.

The Beginnings:

Co-founders Poonam Singh, Jintu Pathak, and Akshay combined their eclectic backgrounds to form a formidable team. Poonam shares, "Starting as an entrepreneur with JP Response prepared me for this journey, but it was our collective passion for photography that truly fueled MyBlackPlate." Jintu adds, "Our diverse experiences in marketing, technology, and creativity provided us the right mix to cater to a changing market landscape."

A Digital Revolution:

The post-pandemic world shifted drastically towards online shopping and food delivery, underscoring the need for compelling visual content. With 93% of consumers emphasizing visual appeal in their purchase decisions, MyBlackPlate filled a crucial gap. Offering end-to-end solutions, they became a trusted partner for brands, big and small, in their digital storytelling. Poonam mentions,

"One day, our phones buzzed non-stop. An image we posted went viral on Instagram. That recognition was our turning point."

Navigating Challenges:

Every startup faces its share of hurdles. For MyBlackPlate, the skepticism came from an unexpected quarter – close family and friends. Akshay recalls, "There were doubts about the viability of food photography. Balancing our passion with day jobs, we often shot late into the night. But our belief in the craft kept us going."

Collaborations and Triumphs:

Their hard work soon bore fruit. A notable collaboration with Rebel Foods, a leading global cloud kitchen brand, put them on the map. Jintu reminisces,

"Working with Rebel Foods early on was both a challenge and an opportunity. The success of that partnership was a testament to our capability and dedication."

Crafting the Future:

The vision for MyBlackPlate extends far beyond the present. Jintu outlines their ambitious plans, "We aim for a fivefold revenue increase in the next three years. Our strategy focuses on deepening relationships with existing clients while expanding our reach. We also envision a platform where emerging photographers can showcase their talent, ensuring their work gains the recognition it deserves." Akshay passionately adds,

"Our ultimate goal is to be a pillar in the commercial photography sector, setting standards and nurturing talent."

Market Insights:

The team's journey also offered invaluable market insights. The rise of "Instagrammable" images and brands investing heavily in visual content post-pandemic highlighted the industry's evolution. Poonam observes, "Our custom solutions cater to this shift, making quality content accessible for brands of all sizes."

With a blend of passion, resilience, and vision, MyBlackPlate stands as a beacon in the photography industry, ready to capture moments and craft narratives for years to come.

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