Dr Cubes: Bengaluru's Ice Revolution and Path to Rs 2.5 Cr

Dr Cubes, founded by Naveed Munshi & Pramod Tirlapur, is setting new standards in ice quality & hygiene, aiming for Rs 2.5 Cr revenue in FY23

Dr Cubes: Bengaluru's Ice Revolution and Path to Rs 2.5 Cr

Tuesday October 17, 2023,

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In the bustling city of Bengaluru, a unique startup has emerged that's making waves in the beverage and hospitality sector. Meet Dr Cubes, a brainchild of Naveed Munshi and Pramod Tirlapur, two dynamic entrepreneurs. Their venture, which began in 2017, has been serving up fresh, hygienic ice cubes that have set a new benchmark in food and beverage safety.

So, what makes Dr Cubes stand out? It's their fervent dedication to ensuring that the ice you consume is of the utmost quality. Most of us rarely consider the quality of the ice in our drinks or when using it to soothe injuries. However, the founders recognised this overlooked issue and set out to rectify it. Their primary concern: the frequent compromise in water quality used in making ice cubes.

Dr Cubes offers a plethora of choices for every ice need. Whether you're in the mood for classic cube ice, gourmet, crushed, or even infused ice – they've got you covered. Beyond the variety, their commitment to punctuality is worth noting. They've partnered with popular delivery platforms, including Zomato, ensuring that their products reach their clients on time, every time.

Now, while the idea might sound straightforward, their journey hasn't been without hurdles. The startup gained national attention when they presented their business model on Shark Tank India. They sought an investment of Rs 80 lakhs for 15% of their company, effectively valuing it at Rs 5.33 crores. Though the Sharks expressed reservations about the novelty of the industry and the potential threat from larger players, the pitch gave us insight into Dr Cubes' progress. The company's growth trajectory from Rs 50 lakhs in revenue in 2019 to Rs 1.2 Cr in 2020 is noteworthy. The COVID-19 pandemic hit them hard, with earnings dropping to Rs 76 lakhs in 2021. However, showcasing resilience, they bounced back in FY22, raking in Rs 1.10 Cr.

With eyes on the future, Dr Cubes has set an impressive target of Rs 2.5 Cr revenue for FY23. While they might not have secured a deal on Shark Tank, their dedication to ensuring premium ice quality and impressive sales figures suggest a bright future. For those who value quality in every sip, Dr Cubes is a name to watch.

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