Glance launches live-video platform Roposo in Indonesia

InMobi subsidiary Glance has launched its live-video platform Roposo in Indonesia to tap into the local creator ecosystem. The app will not feature ecommerce for now as the launch is targeted at growing the number of local creators on the platform.

Glance launches live-video platform Roposo in Indonesia

Tuesday October 31, 2023,

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Live-video entertainment platform Roposo has launched its app in Indonesia with 200 local content creators on the platform to tap into the growing Southeast Asia market. 

The platform, operated by Glance, plans on launching in the US market next, followed by Japan, Germany, and Latin America. The expansion will follow the markets where Glance has a strong presence as the lock-screen platform is the largest distribution channel for Roposo, contributing to nearly 90% viewership. 

Glance is a subsidiary of InMobi, which is backed by Jio Platforms, Google, and Mithril Capital. Other than the smart lock screen product Glance, InMobi also operates the trends platform Roposo and the gaming platform Nostra. 

Glance currently has over 30 million active users in Indonesia, and Roposo will be available on both Android and Apple App Store. The company has also partnered with OEMs, including Xiaomi, Realme and Oppo for its launch in the Indonesia market. 

“There are some deeper experiences—to create, interact with creators—which cannot happen without the app. As we expand in other markets like the US and Japan, iOS will also be important for us,” Mansi Jain, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Roposo told YourStory

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Roposo, which introduced creator-led live commerce in India in 2021, will look at it as a future avenue for revenue generation in Indonesia. Roposo claims to process nearly a lakh orders per day at an Average Order Value between Rs 500-1,000 across multiple categories, primarily in fashion and accessories.

“For now we are primarily focusing on scaling the content side and creator ecosystem. In future when we introduce shopping, we will figure out the local regulations on that,” said Jain. For now, the app will launch with video advertising revenue sharing with content creators in Indonesia. Roposo has partnered with large publishers and local content creator ecosystem players including IDN Times,, Masak TV, Haluan, Hops, and Vision+. 

She added that the advertising and the ecommerce revenue from Roposo was a “significant contributor” to group-level revenues. The app has 80 million monthly active users in India and has seen 1 million-plus daily live show viewership in Indonesia over the Glance platform, the company said.

The story was updated to reflect the description of the company.

Edited by Kanishk Singh