Kawasaki’s New Electric Ninja: Eco-Friendly, Fast, Affordable Ride in the US!

Kawasaki redefines urban commuting with its Electric Ninja – a cost-effective, eco-friendly motorcycle designed for novices, packed with premium features!

Kawasaki’s New Electric Ninja: Eco-Friendly, Fast, Affordable Ride in the US!

Friday October 06, 2023,

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Kawasaki’s launch of its first electric Ninja in the US astounds and excites motorcycle enthusiasts, presenting an affordable option in the revered Ninja series, which has symbolised high-speed and extraordinary performance since the 1980s.

Surprising Specifications

The electric Ninja diverges from its high-performance counterparts. The unveiled models are 125cc equivalents, with a top speed of 51mph, designed for novice riders. Each hosts a 5kW permanent magnet synchronous electric motor, with an e-boost function enhancing power output to 9kW momentarily, providing adequate power for city commuting while being friendly to motorcycle learners.

Design and Features

With its race-inspired full fairing design, the Ninja Z e-1, and its minimalist counterpart, the Ninja e-1, are crafted for novice riders desiring efficient commuting solutions in the city. Although targeted at beginners, both models come equipped with high-end features typically reserved for larger motorcycles, including powerful disc brakes, advanced ABS braking control, sturdy 17-inch alloy wheels, and a unique "walking mode" for ease of low-speed movement, offering a riding experience that’s both secure and thrilling for newcomers.

Charging and Range

With flexible charging options, riders can either remove the two 30Ah battery packs for docking station charging or plug the bike directly into standard domestic outlets, making the charging process versatile and convenient. A complete charge, taking approximately 3.7 hours, offers a range of around 41 miles, dependent on various factors including riding mode and rider weight.

Pricing and Availability

With the Ninja e-1 priced at $7,599 and the Z e-1 at $7,299, Kawasaki provides an affordable entry into the Ninja series. Orders are currently open, with the first deliveries expected to roll out by the end of this year, continuing through summer 2024.

Market Overview

Kawasaki leads among Japanese motorcycle makers in bringing electric road bikes to the US. The bikes, equipped with a 3-kilowatt-hour removable battery pack, offer indoor charging convenience and feature different riding modes, including an additional speed boost. They also provide connectivity options allowing riders to monitor battery status and maintenance schedules via a smartphone app.

Competitive Landscape

Since the introduction of electric motorcycles in the US in 2008, few major brands have entered the market. Kawasaki's launch, while following Harley-Davidson’s and BMW's, precedes expected releases from other Japanese giants like Suzuki and Yamaha. The growing interest, especially among millennials and women, creates a promising market for these electric models.

Kawasaki's electric Ninja is a strategic addition to the market, targeting new and environmentally-conscious riders. With its user-friendly features and affordable price, it is set to not only expand the Ninja’s appeal but also attract a new generation to the iconic series.