From Day Labor to Asian Games Medalist: Ram Baboo's Incredible Journey

Born in an impoverished Uttar Pradesh village, Baboo defied the odds, showcasing grit and determination to clinch a medal at the prestigious Asian Games

From Day Labor to Asian Games Medalist: Ram Baboo's Incredible Journey

Tuesday October 10, 2023,

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Ram Baboo’s journey from being a MNREGA worker to clinching a bronze medal at the Asian Games is nothing short of inspirational. Born into poverty in Uttar Pradesh, Baboo's tale is one of determination, relentless hard work, and an unyielding focus on his goals.

The Humble Beginnings

In the impoverished Behura village of Uttar Pradesh, Baboo’s family struggled to make ends meet. With his father earning a meager wage as a manual laborer and his mother occasionally contributing, Baboo had to navigate through financial constraints from an early age. Despite these challenges, Baboo harbored dreams of a career in sports, even when the academic arena did not appeal to him.

The Turning Point

The spark was ignited when Baboo watched Indian athletes shine at the 2012 Olympics. Impressed and inspired, he decided to embark on a journey in sports, initially engaging in marathons and long-distance running. However, a nudge from a local coach saw him transition into race walking, a discipline that was not only easier on his knees but also an arena where his stamina stood out.

The Self-financed Dream

To chase his dream, Baboo moved to Varanasi, where he started training while working part-time jobs, including as a waiter, to finance his athletic ambitions. Through social media, he connected with groups and individuals who could assist him in his endeavor, thereby taking advantage of every available resource to move closer to his dream.

Struggle and Perseverance

During the COVID-19 pandemic, financial hardships loomed over his family. Baboo, ever the fighter, took up manual labor under the MNREGA scheme alongside his father. But the track called out to him, and soon he was back in Bhopal, demonstrating his race walking prowess at national championships and gradually making a mark in the field.

The Glorious Outcome

All the hardships, struggles, and relentless hard work culminated in a stellar performance at the Asian Games, where Baboo, along with Manju Rani, secured a bronze in the 35km race walk mixed team event. This victory was not just a personal triumph for Baboo but a beacon of inspiration for many across the nation.

The Journey Ahead

Following his Asian Games success, Baboo plans to shift to the 20km race walk from the next season, showcasing his strategic thinking for his sports career. Despite his humble and challenging beginnings, Baboo's journey reflects his indefatigable spirit and undying determination to achieve greatness.