Israeli Saved by Tesla Amidst Rain of Bullets; Elon Musk Expresses Relief

In the heart of a dangerous conflict, an Israeli man finds an unexpected ally in his Tesla. Outrunning armed attackers, this story blends technology, survival, and the power of innovation.

Israeli Saved by Tesla Amidst Rain of Bullets; Elon Musk Expresses Relief

Tuesday October 17, 2023,

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In a harrowing tale of survival, an Israeli man, known only as "C", detailed how his Tesla Model 3 Performance became a shield against a deadly assault by armed Hamas operatives. This incident unfolded against the backdrop of intensifying conflict after Hamas launched a series of rockets from Gaza onto southern Israel.

"C", a member of Kibbutz Mefalsim's emergency squad, was en route to an assembly point when his vehicle was targeted. Mistaking the electric vehicle (EV) for a conventional car, the gunmen fired shots aiming for the engine and fuel tank. Their lack of familiarity with EVs proved advantageous for "C". Even after his tires were shot out, he harnessed the Tesla's powerful acceleration and dual drive to maintain control, reaching speeds of up to 112 mph on damaged tires.

The car, displaying its robust build, withstood the assault, sustaining around 100 bullet holes. Impressively, the front window, despite taking hits, merely cracked and didn't shatter. It was a testament to the vehicle's resilience that rescue teams had to break the windows to reach "C", who had suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

From his hospital bed, "C" shared his experience: "Bullets hit my legs, hand, and one even in the skull. Despite the damage and trauma, the car kept driving. The battery remained stable, but I think it's time for my next Tesla."

Elon Musk, Tesla's founder, took note of this remarkable story and succinctly remarked, "Glad he made it!" The overarching context here is the renewed violence in the region. Following a significant attack on Sabbath by Hamas, both sides have been locked in a fierce conflict with numerous casualties. In retaliation, Israel implemented a severe siege on Gaza, further straining its already beleaguered inhabitants.

This story, brought to light by Gilad Alper, Head of Israel's Freedom Party on platform X, isn’t just about one man's narrow escape. It underscores the unexpected ways technology can impact life, both routinely and in times of crisis. Equally noteworthy is how "C's" wife utilized the Tesla app to monitor his real-time location and hospital admission, underscoring the profound and multi-faceted ways technology is interwoven into our lives.